On Giving Thanks

I started back to work a couple of weeks ago, but it's just hitting me that five whole months of parental leave have come to an end. Five entire months of being constantly with my children. Five whole months of being free to choose my own schedule and follow my own rules.

I am thankful to have had it but I'm struggling to adjust. Although I KNOW I am lucky to have a good job to return to and a great boss that allowed me to take this time, sometimes I find myself struggling to feel grateful to be back on the commute. Back to seeing my children for less than two hours each day.

I miss them.
I miss our endless days of loving and laughing and squabbling and creating and adventuring.
I think they miss it too.

I told someone recently that I was trying to stop striving for things I do not have for a while. That I wanted to just be grateful for what I've got. That I want to stop trying to juggle family, career, small business, college (have I mentioned I'm back in University?), hobbies- including this space. But sometimes I struggle to follow my own advice.

I would dearly love to be able to be at home full-time with my girls, but it's just not an option for our family at the moment and I have to accept that for now and move forward with the intention in my heart that someday things will be different.

Really, I have just been feeling a bit sorry for myself. But looking at all of the Thanksgiving posts the last couple of days on Instagram and all over the internet has made me pause for thought and made me think about all of the things I am grateful for. This is not an exhaustive list, I have many, many more things to be thankful for when I compare my life to others less fortunate, this is merely what comes to mind tonight, as I sit in my warm home, with tea and chocolate and peacefully sleeping girls.

  • I am thankful that, even though I have to work, my children get to have a wonderful stay-at-home Daddy, who is patient and fun and crazy about his girls. I am thankful that they have an amazing bond because of this, that many fathers don't get to enjoy due to being out at work or whatever else keeps Dads away from their kids.

  • I am thankful for lovely people on the internet who randomly write emails to bloggers just to let them know that they like what you are doing. Serena, you made my week xx
  • I am thankful for Viber so that I can have 5 hour phone-dates with a dear friend who is far away and whom I miss.
  • I am thankful for said friend who is far away and who sends me photos of the parcel I posted her, just in case I "forgot how fab it was". Thanks Mimi xx

  • I am thankful for a Grandmother, a patron of the arts, who buys tickets to local pantomimes for her great-grandchildren and their parents.
  • I am thankful for this weekend, the last one before Christmas on which i don't have to work. There will be a visit to the opening of the new Sensory Garden in the girls' NaĆ­onra, some shopping with my sisters, the Panto, and our Letters to Santa Party.
  •  Mostly, I am thankful for extremely rare, extremely naughty ladybirds that find their way home even after I spend a ridiculous amount of money procuring a replacement.
New Ladybird  meets Much-loved Ladybird
(New Ladybird has been hidden away in case of future disasters.)


  1. Noooo! Where did the old one turn up?

    1. Lile (Ladybird's mother) just arrived at my bedside one morning at 6.30am and casually announced that "Ladybird came home". Apparently she was in the toy cupboard all along - which seems impossible because I RANSACKED it twice and couldn't find her.

  2. Sadhbh, as always you've written a fabulous post and I am so so chuffed and delighted to be mentioned in it!!!!Thank you so much!!I am thrilled to have made your week!!xx

  3. P.S. Now you've made my week!: ) xx

  4. I was made redundant a few times when my eldest was small, and I really didn't want to go back to work after a month or so hanging out with her and my friends and all their kids, but like you, I needed to, and I think it does get easier. Especially when you know they are being well looked after ((hugs))

    1. I'm sure I'll get there and you're right, it definitely makes a big difference that they are home with their beloved Dada :)

  5. As always Sadhbh you bring me into a world I know little about, that of parenthood. I decided long ago that I was not parent material but it is lovely to read a blog from someone who so obviously is. I just wish all mothers got so much fun by taking their responsibility seriously if you know what I mean.


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