A Fairy Lives Here

If you've been following along for a while now, you might remember I wrote about our visit to the fairy forest in West Cork, back in March. In fact, you might have noticed that we are, in general, pretty fond of the little folk around these parts, but that forest and the fairy tree in Marlay Park left quite an impression on me and I had been wondering how to bring a little bit of magic like that closer to home.

Imagine my delight, then, when I recently discovered The Irish Fairy Door Company. I had seen fairy doors before, but the ones I had seen were in a Georgian style, which to me seemed too formal for the wild little things I imagine fairies to be. I was in love with the organic shapes of the doors I saw in Cork, which seemed so fitting for the good people to live behind and the Irish Fairy Doors fit that description perfectly.

Better yet, the Irish Fairy Door Company have direct links to the Fairy Council and are in the business of finding loving homes for baby fairies.

Thanks to their magical creations, somebody small has come to live with us.

His name is Leaf.

We installed our door on November 31st, registered his name and left out the tiny glass-encased key. By morning, the key was gone - Leaf had arrived and the girls have been madly in love with him ever since. He is settling in well and we are learning more and more about him as each week passes.

Discovering that the key is missing and reading the first letter from Leaf

He spends most of his time in his own little nook, but there is evidence that he comes and goes without us seeing him. He has left us notes, and has eaten raisins left out for him, he's also erected a clothesline and hung out his tiny clothes to dry. He might even leave a tiny gift on Christmas morning, and we are planning what to leave as a gift for him.

Early morning discovery of a fairy clothesline
I frequently hear the girls whispering sweet nothings and making wishes through his keyhole. It really is amazing what excitement it has brought to our home.

I am thrilled to have a fairy in the house, it is a lifelong dream come true. Devo is happy too, that it was a boy fairy that arrived, as it's nice to have another guy about the house ;)

Childhood is so short and so precious and it should be filled with magic and imagination and wonder. I'm so grateful to The Irish Fairy Door Company for bringing fairyland to life for us.

Disclosure: I received a sample of a Fairy Door and a Fairy Clothesline for the purposes of review. My opinions are my own and I was not paid to give them! 


  1. Oh, how lovely, what a great idea!

  2. Wow. If I could turn back time. I love the idea and magic of these. Beautiful photos which sum it all up so well.

    1. The adults are having just as much fun - believe me ;) thanks for stopping by Tric xx

  3. Lovely post! The washing line is so cute. I think I might make my own fairy door, and install it in the garden, although I worry my guys might break the door down to catch a glimpse of the fairies inside! Love the photographic evidence of the girls flying. :o)


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