Something Sacred

Welcome to Week Three of the month-long Carnival of Creative Mothers to celebrate the launch of The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood
by Lucy H. Pearce

Today's topic is Creative Inheritance. Do read to the end of this post for a full list of carnival participants. 

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December 11th: The Creative Process.

I can still picture her, sitting by the window in the room that was built at the back of my Grandmother's house, for her and my Great Grandfather, on their return from a late-in-life stint of living in London. I can see her bent over an intricate white pattern. Something like snowflakes settled softly in her lap. Hands moving quickly. A hook in one hand and a skein of fine, silken thread in the other. Hooks and loops coming together to create complex designs. Tiny white gloves and delicate purses for Holy Communions. Trims for Christening blankets. Beautiful wedding bed-spreads. Headpieces for brides. Doilies to sit under precious ornaments on the side-board.

She was always making. Her whole life. She had seven children and made every stitch they wore for years. From underwear to outerwear. She made things for the neighbour's children too. Poor children with barely a stitch to their name would leave her house immaculately dressed in warm, practical clothing.

I can see her in even later years too, siting by that window in the Winter dusk. In her late ninties. Her sight gone, listening to the books she could no longer read, her hands idle in her lap, but her love of words still strong within her. She had read the dictionary for fun as a child.

In my minds eye, I see white silken threads tumble from her hands and roll out across the floor. Each fine strand tangling around her family, binding us all tightly together. Touching each and every one of her children. Her grandchildren. Her great-grandchildren. Her great-great-grandchildren.

It encircles her eldest daughter. My Grandmother. In her hand is a paintbrush. At her feet, needles and a pile of yarn. She had seven children too, but always found time to nurture her own creativity. She took classes in sculpture, in flower arranging, in paper crafts. In many, many other things. She is in her late 80's now. I often watch her knitting for her own great-grandchildren. Her worn hands expertly working the needles and yarn. She is always making. She always has been.

The threads travel on. They wind around my uncle, a talented woodworker, another uncle, a painter, my mother, who also paints, knits, arranges flowers and always nurtured her own creativity, trying stained glass making, wood turning and many other hand-crafts throughout my childhood and even now.

On and on the white threads travel. Stretching far and wide around the world, wrapping itself around a vast collection of cousins. A potter, a textile designer, a fashion designer, a painter, a TV editor, a make-up artist and more. It touches many more in our large extended family.

It wraps around me too. It is here in these words. It is there as I stitch tiny toys for my children. It holds me tight as I set the paint out on the kitchen table for my little ones.

I see my Great-Grandmother's silken threads encircle them too. I see them in Lile's hands as she draws and draws. I see them wrap Sábha up in a cocoon of wonder as she listens to books she cannot yet read.

I see this long line travel forward. Ever evolving. Ever inspiring.

Silken threads woven expertly into an intricate pattern.

Far away, by a dusky window, I can see the source.

And I am thankful for her sacred gift.


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  1. So beautifully written, Sadbh! And what an incredible woman she was!

    1. Thanks so much Lucy. She was amazing indeed and I was lucky to have a Great Grandmother until I was in my 20's, so I have great memories of her.

  2. Sadhbh that is absolutely beautiful - such an evocative post, I can picture your great grandmother perfectly from your lovely description in the first paragraph

  3. That is utterly beautiful, incredible imagery, and all the love sewn up in big, thick threads :) Love it x

  4. Your beautiful words have paid a touching homage to an obviously wonderful woman x


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