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In the spirit of the end of year/beginning of new year 'roundups' that I'm reading all over the blogosphere. Here are: Thirteen things of note (to me at least!) from 2013

1. My Most Popular Post:
My most popular post this year, by a country mile, was my 'Felt Unicorn Tutorial'. It is far and away the most viewed post I have ever written. It has been pinned and re-pinned and even shared TWICE by the marvellous Maggy at Red Ted Art... yet it remains, practically the only post I have ever written which has no comments on it! It's funny how things work out like that.

2. My Favourite Post: Something Sacred
Even though  my 'Felt Unicorn Tutorial' post was the most popular, my own favourite post was probably this one. I cried while I was writing it, thinking of my great grandmother and her influence on my entire family and I had such a wonderful response to it from my extended family, from you dear reader and on Facebook. I really enjoyed it as a creative writing exercise too, so much so that I have signed up for a creative writing course this year - my Great-Grandmother's influence lives on!

3. My Favourite Photo:
I take a million photos a day on my phone and share many, many on Instagram and to be honest, it's virtually impossible for me to choose just one picture... so I'm not exactly sure why I'm even trying! But I do love both of these images very much. The stillness and concentration the girls possess whilst they study those tiny, fragile creatures amazes me - partly because they are usually in constant motion and partly because I'm just so happy that they love and respect the world around them. Long may it continue!

4. My Best Adventure:
One of the best adventures my girls and I had last year was our LĂșnasa celebration. The girls still talk about it quite often and I can still feel the heat of the day and hear the hum of the insects and the splash of my girls in playing in the river, if I close my eyes, but that outing wouldn't have even been possible had I not decided on going on an even bigger adventure. I took parental leave for 5 months last year, and though we had a really tight budget and zero income for that time - it was the best decision I have ever made.

5. My Favourite Craft:
Though, again, my Unicorns took centre stage last year in terms of being the most popular craft post (I think it was my first ever craft post actually!), my own favourite craft was my Autumn Peg Dolls. If time permitted, I could happily sit and make peg dolls all the live long day. Indeed I have lots of ideas for other types which I'll probably share here at some point - you have been warned!

6. Most Common Theme:
So, it seems 2013 was the 'Year of the Fairy'! We had a lot of fairy fun last year and even had a fairy come live with us  - which is a total dream come true for me. I can't see this fascination of ours declining anytime soon, so I'm sure there will be plenty of fairy fun happening here in 2014 too! See what we got up to here, here, here and here.

7. My Favourite Comment:
I am so grateful for every single comment I get here. Just knowing people are reading this blog in the first place is incredible to me, so I appreciate the time anyone takes to respond to my ramblings. This year, I particularly loved all of the comments on my Wobbly Wednesday post. It is a cause close to my heart and your encouraging words meant a whole lot to me. Thank you!

8. My Favourite Celebration
It is SO difficult to choose what celebration I enjoyed the most in 2013 - between, weddings, birthdays and not to mention seasonal festivities -  there are too many to choose from. I had so much fun at the girls' Bunny Birthday Party, our Midsummer Fairy Picnic was gorgeous, I loved our LĂșnasa celebration, and I really enjoyed the First Day of Preschool celebration we put together too... I think one of the days I enjoyed most, though, was my sister's Wedding (maybe because I didn't have to organise it!) It was such a beautiful day  full of love and sunshine and food and laughter. The best kind of celebration!

9. My Best Move (not dance-related, I'm a terrible dancer)
One of the best things I did this year was to become a member of the Irish Parenting Bloggers group.( You can see their badge over there on the right.) It is a group of brilliantly inspiring blogging parents who are a fountain of wisdom, an amazing support, hugely encouraging and incredibly generous with their time, knowledge, sympathy and opportunities. Actually, you should grab a cuppa right now and stroll over to the brand new IPB website to have a browse of all the brilliance for yourself.

10. My Favourite Freebie
I had never been given a blog 'freebie' before 2013. In fairness I never had a clue about how, or much of an inclination if I'm honest, to get freebies before I joined the IPB. But it would seem PR people approach bloggers all the time to give them stuff in return for a review. I tried out a few things in August, but I felt a bit strange writing about certain things that didn't sit well with this space, so I decided not to do them anymore... But then I got sent this:
... and it was too good to be true! So I gladly adopted a fairy and wrote a review. I don't know if I'll ever get anything sent to me again, but I know now that it has to be something that fits with this space for me to accept it.

11. Best Blog Moment
The best moment I had this year was the revelation that I finally knew what I wanted to write about in this space! It took an embarrassingly long time for me to realise it, but now that I've 'found my voice' I plan to continue using it. You can read about my eureka moment HERE.

12. Worst Blog Moment
I didn't really have anything terrible happen in terms of blogging in 2013. I didn't have any meanie comments or crazy spam attacks thankfully, but I suppose I think my 'jumping in with both feet to freebie-land' reviews were probably not my best, or most heartfelt offerings in this space. Then again," if we change nothing, nothing changes".

13. What My Blog Did For Me in 2013
Writing, creating and sharing in this space means a huge amount to me. I had been reading blogs for years before I started writing this one and for ages I wasn't even sure why I was writing it. It has become a space to record special moments with my girls which, with my terrible memory, would likely be lost to the mists of time otherwise. It has enabled me to meet, both virtually and in person, a wide and varied community of wonderful people. It has helped me to see my life more clearly and to recognise areas that need improvement or even recognise what I like to do as opposed to what I think I should do. Wanting to continue to share here has spurred me on creatively and given me a reason to push myself more in terms of my creativity. In short, it's done a lot!


  1. What a hugely enjoyable post! I've gone back and re-read some and commented on others that were shockingly neglected :-)

  2. A great round up of a great blog - looking forward to plenty more in 2014!

  3. I love this post so much - what a great way to round up the year. I was nodding along to all of your thirteen highlights and realising that I'm already familiar with all of them which is lovely. My favourite post of yours is also "something sacred" and it mad me cry too.
    BTW my second most popular post ever had no comments either - go figure!

    1. Oh thank-you Office Mum. It thrills me that you are familiar with so many of my posts! Thanks for your support xx

  4. Lovely post Sadhbh!x

  5. This is a gorgeous synopsis of a great year. You give your girls such a sense of wonder and magic, I hope I can do the same for my boys when they're a little older and I'm not so knackered ;)


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