Felt Unicorn Pattern

In honour of the fact that my Felt Unicorn Tutorial post, which I shared almost a year ago, is my most popular post EVER, I finally got around to making a proper PATTERN for it! I have edited the post to include it, so hopefully it will make it easier to put together.

I'd be thrilled if you could let me know if you ever make one. I promise that they are easy and fun to make. The one pictured above is one I made recently for my cousin for her birthday. The ones I made for the girls last year have been played with so much that they're beginning to look a bit grubby, which might just mean I'll have to make more! I'm looking forward to experimenting with more colours too.

I'll probably end up with a 'Glory of Unicorns' apparently, that's (one of) the collective nouns used for Unicorns... though, I prefer 'Hornicopia'!!


  1. A "glory of unicorns", I like it more and more!! Thank you so much for this pattern, I get tired making up my own ones!!! I am so excited by this, I'll crank up the printer tomorrow and get going: I've orders in for two!!!!!!!!

    1. You're most welcome Emily! I hope your little ones enjoy playing with them, and I know your sewing skills are waaay more advanced than mine, so I'm sure your unicorns will be gorgeous!

  2. I am going to try and make this one for my 3 year old this weekend. thanks Sadhbh...I'll let you know how we get on.


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