Love and Other Nonsense

The cover is of softest leather, worn and scratched and dirty. The fly leaf is mottled and brittle with age, the edges ragged. It bears an inscription, dated 1912. The pages are well thumbed. It has been loved.

It is a book of quotes from another time. Musings on men and women. Thoughts on marriage. Reflections on relationships. Ruminations on love. Funny. Sexist. Wry. Brilliant.


My Valentine's gift to you, because I love you, is to share some of the magic held within this delicate tome:

"Love is an exquisite flower; but, if we pluck it, we must be brave enough to seek it where it grows - on the edge of an awful precipice."

"We often marry the man we understand less than anyone else in the world. Mystery is so very attractive"

"They say a watched pot never boils, but a watched husband does - pretty quick."

"Men are always simple - when they're in love. And women - you'll agree? - are always simple when they're not!"

"Find me the man who isn't under the impression that some woman isn't hopelessly in love with him"

"What a man really likes is to be a saint with the reputation of being a devil. And a woman likes, you think,  to be a bit of a devil, with the reputation of a saint?"

"All girls are alike except the one you happen to be in love with."

"Men... after considering a woman for months, invariably decide that they loved her at first sight"

"Flirtation is the best game for two that has ever been invented."

"Love is the Elixir of Life. Love is the only drug that exalts the senses and saves the soul."



Note: Thirty years after her mother's death, this book found its way to its rightful heir - my Mother-in-Law - who generously allowed me to borrow it. This fragile relic of another era. This precious link to times gone by. It is something to be treasured.

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