Easy Easter Bonnet

I had grand plans to make a special yellow spring flower crown for my girls instead of an Easter Bonnet this year. Unfortunately, work and college essays got in the way and all of a sudden it was almost Easter and I hadn't even begun stitching. I did, however, get my essays finished and submitted (yay!) but I'm exhausted and have no energy left to get started on the crowns at this late stage.

Instead, I decided to let the girls create their own Easter Bonnets. My Mother had bought the girls a couple of inexpensive sun hats which were a great base to begin with (thanks Mama!). The girls' birthday brought lots of new craft supplies and there are always plenty of bits and bobs in my own craft stash, so I knew we'd have enough 'stuff' to decorate the hats.

This craft is probably the easiest and least messy I have ever set up for the girls, but it still gave plenty of scope for creativity. They are delighted with the outcome and I know they will wear them with pride on Easter Sunday. If you'd like one too here's the shortest tutorial in the world:

You will need:
  • An inexpensive woven 'Bonnet' (ours were €1.50 each)
  • Stick-on felt flowers
  • Stick-on foam shapes (we had ladybirds, leaves and little chickens)
Stick everything onto the hat in whatever order you like. 

If your name is Lile, you should also add a random 3-legged horse. Presumably for good luck. 

Then, just pop it on your head and commence eating lots of chocolate!

Happy Easter!

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  1. They look fab, and love the photos.

  2. The little bonnet wearers are so cute it is hard to even notice the bonnets themselves, although they are really cute ;)

    1. Haha! Thank you. They are getting really into posing for me - so the picture taking is getting easier :)

  3. oh wow - the photos! They are fab!!

    1. Thanks so much! Finally practicing with my proper camera. It obviously makes a big difference!!

  4. So adorable! Do you think I'd get away with putting on my boys? I'm sure they wouldn't mind! :) And the photos are amazing. The kiss one is a framer!

  5. Lovely post, that's my favourite type of crafting:) the photos are absolutely dotey too

  6. How come I never spotted this last year?! I have several children who will expire with excitement doing this! Fantastic idea :)

    1. Thanks Emily!
      Quick, easy and will hopefully keep little hands busy for a while ;)


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