The Stolen Birthday

The year the girls were born we spent the night of Devo's birthday in a horribly stuffy hospital room. It was a 'practice night' before we took our premature babies home. In hindsight it was a disaster. I mean, it was a lovely gesture from the hospital - giving us a night with our teeny tiny babies who were still attached to wires and things - with the support of the special care unit right outside the door. But the room was grim. They wouldn't let us open the window and it was HOT in there. Neither of us slept a wink and it left us exhausted and completely TERRIFIED of actually bringing our babies home. As if somehow that experience was what parenting twins would really be like, which it's not. At all. For one thing, there's not a special care unit outside our front door.

Anyway, ever since the girls have come along, Devo's birthday has been somewhat overshadowed. His birthday is just over a week after Lile and Sábha's and, because I have usually used up all of my energy making the girls' birthday special I have tended to flake a bit on making their Daddy's day special too. He still gets gifts, but they've usually been grabbed last minute without a lot of thought. I'm pretty sure I've even forgotten a card at least one year. But even if I remember, there's never even anywhere left for him to put it because every surface is already covered with the girls' huge collection.

Now, he's a big boy and can take a little neglect. In fact, I'm sure he's more than happy to play second fiddle to his darling girls, but still, birthday's are special and everybody deserves to be made a fuss of at least once a year.

So, this year I'm trying to give him back his birthday.... the gifts were still pretty last minute, but they were things I knew he'd love. He got this DVD which he's wanted since he saw the movie in the cinema and this, because I thought he would like it and a Breaking Bad Notebook for writing songs in.

I had an overnight work thing this week so I've managed to wrangle a day off today and there are plenty of plans for birthday adventures. The girls gave him his gifts (very) early this morning. There will be lunch out after we collect them from preschool and maybe a spot of shopping. Then birthday cake. Of course. 

There will also be a night out. With drinks. Something that is extremely rare for us, so that will be fun.

As an extra treat, I also got him a selection of 'Bars in Jars' from the amazing Cheesecake shop in town. They make the best cheesecake I've ever tasted. Ever. And they put some of their flavours in pretty jars which makes them a really nice gift. I got Snickers, After Eight and Crunchie for Devo. It will be tough for him to choose which to eat first, I imagine!

AND, as if all that wasn't enough, the day began on a massive high for him because a member of the band he's been obsessed with loved since he was a child has 'liked' some of his photo's on Instagram. Now, how can I compete with that?!

Happy Birthday King Dada!


  1. Happy Birthday and thanks for the info about the cheesecake selections, there's one young lady here who would LOVE that :)

    1. I'll pass on the greetings. Oh, do treat yourselves to some cheesecake. It's fabulous!

  2. I am a strong believer in "everyone being made a fuss of at least one day a year"... sounds like you have the "fussed over" levels just right ;)

  3. Happy birthday Devo from a fellow April 11th-er!

    1. Happy Birthday to you too Aedín! All the best people were born on April 11th :)


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