Birthday 36

The roller coaster I mentioned recently is still trundling along. Although, thankfully, the crazy loop the loop seems to be behind us and we've reached a series of gentler undulations now. I'm hoping there are no more dips and dives - my nerves couldn't take it!

There is one (very large) change still to come, but I feel ready to tackle it head on so that's ok. It's even something I'll be able to talk about - so I can stop all this cryptic business with the roller coasters! Soon.

In the midst of all the ups and downs there was a day of respite. My birthday. Long declared a personal holiday, as I always take the day off ! The sun even graced me with its presence and I had a lovely day.

There were early morning presents with my little ones.
Books and Shoes
A lazy brunch while the girls were in NaĆ­onra.

Cake for lunch. (Please excuse the unattractive scenes of domesticity in the background and just be thankful there is no underwear drying on that rack behind me!)

A stroll on the beach, complete with ice-cream.

A visit from my sister and Mama  -with more gifts and an excuse for even more cake!

White chocolate and raspberry tart from HERE. SO GOOD.
And then, two days later, there was this:

A dinner date with a surprise guest that arrived all the way from Milan! I nearly jumped out of my skin when one of my best friends in the world sat down beside me in the restaurant. I had only been talking to her a few days before and she had mentioned NOTHING about coming home for a few days. It was the best gift ever and a memory I will treasure.

I was spoiled rotten. Thanks lovely friends and family xxx

This weekend there is another important birthday happening. My Dad is turning 60 (!!) and there are lots of plans for family fun. I have the, slightly nerve-wracking, task of providing the birthday cake. Wish me luck! 


  1. Sounds just wonderful! And the tart.... Oh delicious!! Wishing you a year of health, joy and realised dreams xx

  2. Delighted to see you were spoiled a little. Best wishes for lots of wonderful things for the year ahead... this may just be your best one yet (all rollercoasters have hopefully been dismantled!) xxx

  3. Lovely pictures and what a great surprise to have your friend show up! Bestest of wishes for the year ahead xxx

  4. oi, i so hear you on rollercoasters. enough already, right?! i'm glad to hear yours are mellowing out. and happy birthday!! with two cakes and a best friend, no less! it looked lovely, as do you. how are the books so far? xo

    1. Thanks Mary! - YES! Enough already!!

      I've just started the first (the spinning heart) as I was finishing a volume of Alice Munro's short stories until yesterday. I am enjoying it so far. It is a very well written and conceived view of the state Ireland is in at the moment and actually quite relevant to some of the roller coaster rumblings of late! A good choice by hubby. x

  5. What a wonderful birthday celebration you had :)

  6. Belated Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great few days.


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