Happy Making

Sometimes, when the weeks are just going by and nothing particularly different or interesting is happening from day to day you can forget that magical things can happen out of the blue. Maybe that's what makes these things magical. Their unexpected nature. How suddenly, something small can make all the difference and turn an average day into a day to be remembered.

Today was such a day.

At lunchtime Devo sent me a message to let me know that a parcel had arrived for me. Most of the post I get is boring. It's usually just bills, or tax forms or bank statements or appointment reminders. Sometimes there are parcels for the girls, mostly things I've ordered myself, so I know they're coming and that's usually only at birthday or Christmas time. The occasional wedding/party invite is very gratefully received in this house, I can tell you!

There is nothing better than getting something fun in the post. Especially when it is unexpected and even more especially when it has something that has been so thoughtfully chosen - all for me!

Today I received a small parcel, for no particular reason, from my dear cousin Siofra. Inside was the sweetest little hand-written note from her and a pretty little gift box.

Inside the gift box was the most incredibly beautiful thing.

A minute purse made from the tiniest scrap of fabric, stitched (laboriously, I imagine) to an acorn cup. An actual acorn cup! A purse fit for a fairy - that I can wear as a necklace!

And that's not all. Inside the most adorable purse in the word there is treasure. Fairy treasure. Tiny shells and stones. A miniscule coin. A secret note. Utterly dreamy magic talismans.

It is exquisite. It is my new favourite thing in the world and it makes me smile every time I look at it. It is completely happy-making.

Thank you so, so much Siofra! I am beyond delighted with this, most perfect, gift!

P.S. Siofra is a very, very talented milliner. Check out her website to see some of her collections. My favourite is the Woodland Maiden Collection (surprise, surprise!) and I also love her flower headpieces (no surprise there either!). She has recently been nominated for the National Vintage Awards in the 'Best Vintage Reproduction' Category and I know she would really love to have your vote! Please click HERE to make her day like she has made mine!

P.P.S If you'd like a magical fairy purse like mine, you can find them HERE. I'm finding it incredibly difficult to control my shopping impulses right now - there is so much wonderfulness in this shop!


  1. Oh flipping heck!! That's the cutest thing I've ever seen... Want... Need!!!!!!

  2. Oh wow that is beyond beautiful!!

    1. Isn't it pretty?! Whoever came up with it is a genius!

  3. How adorable and what a lovely cousin!


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