The Highlight

I took an unintentional break from the blog this week. Not just the blog, actually. Online life in general, has taken a back seat recently. The past five days have been a bit of a roller coaster. There have been some serious lows, that I can't share here for various reasons, but there have been some pretty amazing highs too.
Far and away the best bit about this week is that I have become an Aunt again! That's top of the highest hill stuff, right there! You might remember that I mentioned that my brother and his wife were expecting their first little bundle of joy? Well, she's arrived and we're all thrilled!

Due to being stuck on that roller coaster this week - I only (finally!) got to meet her for the first time today. She was worth the wait, I can tell you. She's an absolute beauty.

I always forget just how tiny newborns are. I mean, I know in my head that a baby that is less than 7lbs is going to be very little. Sure, my own babies were a minuscule 4lb 7oz (Lile) and 5lb 3oz (Sábha) and I do have fuzzy memories of their smallness. But, somehow, the photos that are sent around from phone to phone when a new baby arrives always fool me. Those little chubby cheeks, that make a new baby look so sturdy in photographs betray the fact that, in real life, they are almost impossibly teeny. 

And so it was with this newest addition to the clan. Yes, her hat did look too big for her in the photos my little brother sent me - but that didn't prepare me for seeing her with my own two eyes for the first time - seeing her with adults and furniture and the great wide world around her for scale. And, even though I'd zoomed in close to every part of the pictures, trying to absorb every detail of this new little treasure - it wasn't a patch on holding her in my arms for the first time and really seeing how perfect she is.

Her dark silky hair. Her almond eyes. Her full lips and button nose. The tiny creases of skin at her elbows and knees. The neat curve of her ears. The miniature fingernails....

It's always the fingernails that get me. How is it possible for them to be so small, yet so perfectly formed?

I spent a lovely afternoon, today, with the new Mama and Dada and their most precious little doll. I am bursting with joy for them. They all have so much to look forward to. 

There was warm sun and little lambs outside. There was quiet celebration and a sleeping babe-in-arms inside. 

It was the absolute highlight of my week.

Welcome to the family, little one. We love you so much already!


  1. Congratulations Aunty. It is great to have occasions like this to balance lifes more trying moments. She looks a little beauty.

    1. Thanks Tric! It sure helped end a rough week on an incredible high! She is divine!

  2. Many happy days to this wonderful new baby. I don't think I'll ever stop adoring those beautiful newborn smells, sounds and feelings. They are pure comfort.
    I hope the bad bits of your week are behind you, and the best bits ahead!

    1. Thanks so much, my dear xxx Hope you are still enjoying your own newborn snuggles!!


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