Felt Fox Tutorial

My girls' obsession with Cats (Lile) and Foxes (Sábha) has been well documented. So much so, that friends and family often send me links to photos, videos and stories of cute cats and foxes to share with them. They each have a sizable collection of stuffed cats and foxes, though Lile's collection is a lot larger. Cats are so much easier to come by than foxes! Even their birthday had a Cat & Fox theme and Lile has already worn through two pairs of cat-shoes. Their love is undying.

Ages ago (last year maybe?) I spent a rainy afternoon making them a little cat each from this tutorial. They are still being played with. I thought it only fair, then, that I make some little fox friends to play with them.

I actually made these little guys over another couple of rainy days back in March as part of their birthday gift. Then I forgot all about them and only gave them to them last week when I noticed them playing with their little cats and was reminded of the foxes I had stashed away.

I put together a little tutorial for the foxes in case you fancy making one for your little ones. Or am I the only one who has a fox obsessed child? Sure, you can always make one for yourself too!

First of all print off the PATTERN

Then gather your supplies:

  • Felt scraps in orange, white and brown/black
  • Needle and thread
  • Stuffing
Here's an image of how I put it together, because I never photographed the process. It might seem a bit confusing because it probably is... I made the pattern from scratch and it might not be the best one ever... but I'll describe each step below too and hopefully all will become clear. 

  1. Cut out two 'body' shapes in orange
  2. On one piece - attach the white 'face' and the white oval 'belly'
  3. Then attach the orange 'ears & nose' to the top of the white 'face'
  4. You can now add the eyes and nose to the face, although you could always attach these with glue at the end if you prefer
  5. This bit is sort of back to front actually... It should probably read 7, 6, 5 and then 8! First sew the two orange tail pieces together so they are nice and thick and then add the white 'tip'
  6. Sew the tail to the rear of the other 'body' piece just around the bottom so that the tail can move away from the body. It should look like this:

     7.  Or is it 5?... Anyway, begin sewing the front piece to the rear piece
     8.  Don't forget to add in the arms and legs as you go! (the arms and legs are made by sewing               two pieces of felt together to make them more robust)

I hope that's clear enough... but if you are as confused as I seem to be today -  please feel free to ask me for any clarification in the comments.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow, your beautiful tutorial drawings are almost as lovely as the foxes themselves. What lucky little girls... I'd love one of those!!

  2. Oh thanks! I hope they are clear enough! It makes sense to me - but I'm the one that made it up!! Glad you liked them - one of these days I might just make you one xxx


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