Gifts For Grandparents

Yesterday was my Mama's birthday. We spent the day in the stunning Wells House and Gardens and had a really lovely day. (More about that soon!)

My mama, or Mamó as the grandchildren call her, is one of those fantastic people that actually appreciates hand made gifts. She really cares that people make the effort. Or at least... I hope she does, because I usually like to try to get the girls to create something special for her on big occasions. 

For her birthday this year they worked very hard on making a thoroughly personalised gift, with just a little help from me.

First we made 'luxury' chocolate buttons. These are really simple to make, but look and taste great. All you have to do is melt some chocolate (we used milk and white chocolate for variety), then spoon the chocolate out onto a baking tray covered in parchment paper, making little circles. While the chocolate is still melty  - let the kids go wild adding different toppings. We mostly used sprinkles of different sorts, but we did use lemon zest on some and fresh thyme on others. Nuts, seeds and dried fruit would also be lovely. For children you could use different types of sweeties as toppings. Yum!

Let them cool in the fridge until they are set. Then all you have to do is bag them up in pretty cellophane bags, tie with ribbon and you're done! Easy, delicious and quite impressive looking!

We made one other gift for Mamó this year too. A personalised letter writing set.

Using drawings the girls had created especially for this purpose, I scanned them in, tweaked/tidied them up a bit in (which I use for nearly all of the images on this blog) and printed them out on some A4 paper.

I also used parts of the images to print onto the matching envelopes.

I packed it all into a cellophane wrapper, created a quick label (again, using and stuck it on the front.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, though in hindsight I would loved to have bought some nicer quality paper to print on.

I hope my Mama enjoys using it as much as we enjoyed making it! I'm pretty certain she is enjoying the chocolate already ;)


  1. What lovely gifts, I especially love the writing set idea, how thoughtful and pretty, I bet your mum was thrilled

    1. Thank you! She was really pleased. She's used some of the set already for sending thank you notes to the girls!

  2. Such lovely ideas so thoughtful x

  3. What great ideas for presents, love the personalised writing set :)

    1. Thank you! I love the writing set too. I'm thinking of getting them to design some family 'headed paper' ;)

  4. Great ideas, I am sure Mama must be enjoying them. My mother had her birthday two months back. Since her grandkids are all grown up and past the 'cute gifts stage' they brought her this
    She now enjoys all her favorite TV shows sitting in this one.


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