Good News Bad News (not really)

I have two pieces of good news and one piece of bad news. Except that the bad news isn't bad news at all - but why waste a mediocre title?

The first piece of good news is that I made the shortlist in one of the two categories I was nominated in for the Blog Awards. I was on the longlist in the Parenting and Craft categories but apparently I'm not 'parenty' enough. I am, however, deemed 'crafty' enough to be shortlisted. Which is amusing, as I would probably have thought the opposite.

Anyway, I'm THRILLED to bits to have made it to this stage and so grateful to those who nominated me in the first place. I'm also a tiny bit terrified that I'm not crafty enough to go any further. I mean, just LOOK at the others on the list - there's some seriously amazing competition...

Suffice to say, I'm putting on my game face and things are gonna be getting seriously CRAFTY around here for the next while. Well... that's the plan at least...

I do have a new tutorial, which I'm dying to share with you. It'll be ready over the next few days will also come with a giveaway - so keep an eye out for it! After that... I have no idea... we shall see...

The other piece of good news is this:

The ACTUAL Ice-T 'favourited' my tweet about him. I'm totally positive he also clicked through to my blog and read my piece about him and left an AMAZING comment but that Blogger ate it. That's possible, right?!

So, considering I'm down with the O.G. - those other crafters had better watch their backs *wink*!! 

(that's not an evil wink, by the way, it's an 'I'm joking' wink, okay... I SWEAR)

As for the bad news that isn't really bad news? It's just that the back to school season is horrendous for people like me. People who suffer from stationery addiction. 

It started long ago with collecting fancy paper as a child and escalated into me starting an entire greeting card company - which I've since sold in an effort to 'get clean' ;) ... but I honestly can't help myself at this time of year.

The shops are chock full of fabulous papery stuff and even though I know I don't need it and I know trees died to make it... I just waaant iiiiit aaaaallllll!!!!

I obviously can't have it all. And I already have most of it. So instead I attempted some restraint and gave myself a budget of just €10 to feed my habit.

This is what I got. (And I only went over by €0.49cent - which is a minor miracle.)

I love the pencil case. It has cute pictures on it, is a really nice shade of blue and came with a bonus gluestick, sellotape and white-out pen. I don't NEED a pencil case, because I'm not a schoolgirl... but I wanted it... because I have a problem....

Those labels shall henceforth be known as the Ice-T labels. (See HERE.) I have no idea what I'll use them for... but they're pretty... and I bought them...

My favourite, however, is the Weekly Organiser (spelled with a Z, I've just noticed) I do enjoy a good planning session and making lists is a longtime hobby of mine. I think I will actually use this to death.

Look inside if you don't believe me:

How brilliant is that?! Attractive, useful and made of paper. I'm in love.

Now, if I could just bring myself to actually write in it instead of just looking, misty-eyed, at it's pristine fabulousness I'd be doing well...

Or, better yet,  if I could think of a way to CRAFT with it... then I might just have a chance at the finals afterall.


  1. I'm afflicted with the same stationery addiction. That organiser looks to do for. I cannot keep away from notebooks in any shop. I have started a new one for the new school year but like you I often spend more time admiring it.

    Congrats on the shortlist! And gaining Ice-T as a fan!

    1. Thanks Lucy! Oh, don't get me started on the notebooks! I have a stack of them that are too lovely to put a pen to!

  2. Also, have said affliction... I need and want that organiser... Need!!! (Just have to find me a Dunnes now!)

  3. iPad ate the rest of my comment! : CONGRATS on shortlist, I'll be up there with ya, sista ;) ( I REALLY NEED that organiser. You have badly influenced me)

    1. Haha! Congrats to you too. I'm delighted to be in your company on the shortlist Emily, though I'll never compete with the beauty that is your blog! Feck sake, those new little dolls would win it on their own, not to mention the beautiful cards!

      (Go on, get the organiser, I won't tell anyone, you can say you need it to plan your win in the awards ;) )

    2. You have convinced me !!!! Don't have a Dunnes anywhere near me but going to draft in assistance due to the important nature of it...

  4. Ah I love Dealz and tiger for stationary I couldn't find the pencil cases last time I was in!! Love the organiser Ooo I'm going to have to look for one of those :) as you can see I also have a thing for stationary..

    1. I do damage in Dealz and Tiger on a regular basis. So much cute stuff. So hard to resist!

  5. The organiser looks great but I would be wanting to write in it straight away! Good luck with the blog award :)

    1. Thank you! You're a more sensible woman than I - it is made to be used - not swooned over! I should get a grip ;)


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