Ice-T Makes Me Laugh

"Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day."

I heard this quote, or an approximation of this quote, on Ice-T's Final Level podcast yesterday evening.

Devo and I sat for a quiet moment in the music room (it sounds fancy but it's just a second reception room in our house that's too small to function as anything much other than a place to put Devo's guitars and our record collection) listening to an interview with James Altucher. He was speaking about 'The Mindset of Success' how you can lose everything and fail miserably yet still continue on to succeed in life by focusing on the things that really matter. 

Altucher believes that by focusing on your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual health you cannot fail. Look after your physical health by eating well and exercising, your emotional health by being around people you love, your mental health by being creative and your spiritual health by being grateful for what you've got. 'Checking' these boxes every single day is what makes him feel successful. Regardless of financial gain.

He also recognises that there is no way to eliminate stress from anyone's life and that everybody's lives hold different challenges, but by filling our days with as much positivity as possible, those stresses will be much easier to deal with.

The whole conversation was fascinating and there is way too much in it for me to regurgitate here - you should just go listen to it. Lots of the things Ice, Mick and James discussed, especially the above quote, stayed with me and I'm resolving to try and laugh more everyday.

To not take things so seriously. To not be freaking out about what my future holds. To not care what people think about my being made redundant. To do what I love and what makes me happy and to count my 'wins'. Every. Single. Day of this one precious life I have been given.

Today, my Mother-in-Law offered to take the girls for a couple of hours (that's a win) and Devo and I got to hang out for a while (that's another win), browse in some shops (that's also a win) and have a relaxing lunch together (bonus win). Rare daytime-dates are my favourite. (win, win win) 

As we sat waiting for the food to arrive I took out the packet of pretty labels I had bought to feed my stationery addiction (win). I turned the pack over and there, above the barcode was the quote, which I later I photographed, above. 

For no discernible reason. They were just blank paper labels. I have no idea why this particular quote was randomly printed on the package.

Devo and I burst out laughing at the unlikeliness of the coincidence.

It was just the universe's way of reminding us to keep smiling, I guess.


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