In my Picnic Basket

The lovely Laura over at Dairy Free Kids is hosting a linky called 'What's in Your Picnic Basket?' so, I took the opportunity while I was at Powerscourt Gardens, and lugging a huge picnic basket around, to snap the above shot and make a mental note of what was in it.

I love picnics. Actually, I feel like I constantly picnic since having kids. In fact, I think most parents probably carry some sort of snack in their bags to be eaten in random out and about places while letting little legs rest and cranky kids re-balance.

One of my favourite picnic spots, of late, is in the tiny library garden in our town. We've been picnicking there every Monday lunchtime all Summer after Story & Craft time in the library. I realised pretty quickly, after the massive meltdown that occurred the first week, that I would NEED to have food with me for the girls afterwards. They use up all their energy walking to the library in the first place and then work very hard at listening to stories and gluing small bits of paper to larger bits of paper. They are usually STARVING by the time it finishes. So we hop the fence and sit on the old granite steps and have a little bite before we begin the walk home. It works a treat.

Those picnics are fairly basic, but when we're REALLY picnicking I like to put a bit more effort in. Powerscourt deserved more effort... but then again, I do stick to tried and tested things to make sure the girls will actually EAT it.

Sábha more or less lives on 'Ham Wraps' (a slice of cooked ham rolled in a tortilla wrap) and raw carrots, so that's what she gets.

Lile likes more of a tapas style affair or a 'little bits and bobs lunch' as she calls it. She gets chunks of cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes, red pepper crudités and oat cakes.

I always bring fruit as it's easy to snack on as we walk. We had bananas, apples and plums on Saturday.

You can't have a special picnic without some kind of treat. The girls were delighted with themselves as I brought my Chocolate Spelt Muffins (I make a batch most weeks), some dried mango which they are crazy about at the moment and some yogurt-covered rice cakes.

For me, I tend to forget to bring anything specific and end up eating whatever the girls don't - but if Devo is with us I might bring tuna sweetcorn in pitta bread and more of Lile's 'bits and bobs' for us.

Yay Picnics!
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So, what's in YOUR picnic basket?


  1. You're in for a treat on 6th September then.

  2. I love your picnic basket :). It depends how many we are having in a week as to what I put. If it is just one we might have rolls with fillings. If more than one I might make pasties or veggie 'sausage' rolls or a goats cheese tart or mini pizzas which we would have with vegetable sticks, fruit, biscuits and/or cake. I sometimes do wraps but not that often these days. ;)

    1. Thank you! I love my basket too. I think it cost €3 in Tiger Stores (do you have those?) but it's surviving really well. Your picnic favourites sound a lot more exotic than mine. You're making me hungry!!

  3. Remind me to go picnicking with you!!!

  4. Oh I love going on a picnic, we don't do it as often as we would like :( Love your basket! x

    1. Thanks so much! Get out there and do it before the weather gets any colder!!

  5. Thanks so much for entering the linky Sadhbh, I thought i had commented here before but it mustn't have gone through. I love the photo of your picnic bag in such an amazing setting. :) And I love the 'little bits and bobs lunch'.


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