Marvellous Mermaids - A Tutorial

I have well documented the Fairy obsession in Where Wishes HQ. I've also mentioned that there is a bit of a Unicorn fixation too. Basically, magical, mythical creatures are always welcome in these parts. 

The latest craze is Mermaids. 

I can't imagine you're too surprised by that!

Sábha recently asked me to 'knit' her a mermaid. Sábha calls most crafts 'knitting' even though she has probably only seen me knit once in her entire life... and that was only a scarf... which is about my limit when it comes to knitting.

So, I took to the internet to figure out how I might be able to cobble together a simple mermaid that she would enjoy playing with. I quickly found these gorgeous bendy dolls from The Enchanted Tree and, although there are mermaids featured, the tutorial is for the dolls rather than those. I decided to put together the tutorial for my version of the mermaids and add a template for the tail - which was the trickiest part for me to figure out.

To make one bendy mermaid doll, you will need: 

  • 1 Wooden Bead 
  • 2 Pipe Cleaners 
  • Wool/Yarn
  • Embroidery Thread in white and one other colour
  • Felt Scraps 
  • Sewing Pins
  • Sewing Needle
  • Sequins & Clear Thread (optional) 
  • Paint or Permanent Markers

  1. Cut a little bundle of the wool/yarn into lengths for hair and bend the first pipe cleaner in half over it.
  2. Thread the pipe cleaner ends into the bead.
  3. Pull it through until the bead feels secure and the hair sits nicely.
  4. Cut the second pipe-cleaner into a 5 inch length and cross it over under the bead to make arms.
  5. Start wrapping the white embroidery thread around the 'chest' area by cris-crossing it over and under the arms until it is well covered. Then start wrapping down the length of one arm, bending some of the pipe cleaner back to form a hand at the end and tightly securing it in place with the thread. Then begin wrapping back towards the body, making sure the pipe cleaner is well covered. Repeat with on the second arm. Make sure to wrap the rest of the torso to just below 'waist' level and tie off.
  6. Print out the Mermaid Tail Template, cut out two pieces in felt and pin in place on the mermaids 'body'.
  7. Optional: You might like to add some sequins to the tail before you start sewing it up!
  8. Sew up the tail in whichever stitch you prefer. (I used blanket stitch because it's my favourite.) Make sure you secure the waist well. That's basically it - BUT:
  9. For decoration you might like to use a teeny tiny piece of felt to make a bikini or a bejeweled crown or use a tiny shell as a necklace. (Use PVA glue to secure the crown)
  10. Use the paint or permanent markers to add the facial features - let dry - and get playing!

As you can see - I haven't actually done the last step myself yet! That's because I got distracted creating an extra special project that goes with these little guys.

I'm really happy with how the Merfolk look and the bonus project is coming together nicely too. I can't wait to share it with you over the next few days. 

And I really AM going to properly share it with you as I will be giving away both of these dolls AND the extra-special-bonus-project-surprise very soon.

Stay tuned!!



  1. Oh I love them! And I have everything to make them, which is always a bonus step towards actually making them as opposed to just pinning them..

    1. Thank you! Glad you like. It definitely makes a difference when you have the stuff to hand! I try to keep things straightforward enough with nothing too 'fancy' or hard to find involved. If stuff is fancy or hard to find I'd never make anything in the first place! Hope you and your boys enjoy making them :)

  2. These are just fantastic, and look fast and easy enough to make without throttling a child who is swinging out of me wondering when they will be done :) check out Salley Mavor... Delectably brilliant!

    1. Yep! They are very handy to make... although my first attempt didn't manage to get her tail sewn up completely before she was snatched away! But then, I'm not very fast at sewing... She also got her face completed by the snatcher. She looks LOVELY with her massively freaky eyes.

      Salley Mavor.... *faints*... I'm in a complete SWOON. Thank you x

  3. Really lovely - I wish I'd had access to ideas like this when Angel was small xx

    1. Thank you xx (You'll just have to ear-mark it for any future grandchildren ;) )

  4. These are absolutely adorable! You've done such a great job!


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