Underwater Small World Giveaway

Ages and ages ago I found a cute little underwater themed suitcase in Tiger Stores and bought it despite having absolutely no idea what I would do with it. I knew it would come in useful at some stage. (well, that's how I justified the purchase at the time at least!) 

When I made my last craft project I had a brainwave and decided to use the little case as an 'underwater' home for the little Mermaid Dolls. It was really easy to put together and makes a perfect small world play set.

To make it, I printed out an 'underwater' image and stuck it to the bottom of the case. Then I stuck some very fine grade sandpaper to the lid side to make a sandy sea-bed.

I bought some fish tank decorations and little fish to embellish it, added stones, shells, glass beads and some 'treasure' (beads and tiny gold coins) for interest.

I had so much fun setting it up for this photograph and luckily the girls were in NaĆ­onra so I had it all to myself too :)

So...I thought I might offer it as a little giveaway. That's if you'd even be interested in it? I'm just realising that just because I've enjoyed making something to play with - it doesn't necessarily follow that anyone else would even want it...

But if you DO feel you might like a Merfolk habitat around the place, please feel free to leave a comment below and I'll choose a winner at random next Tuesday when I get back from an exciting little trip I have been looking forward to for ages. More on that soon.

In the meantime,  it might be a little quiet around here because I'll be busy packing suitcase(s)!!

Note: This Play Set is NOT suitable for children under the age of three -  because it's basically ALL small parts and therefore a bit of a scary choking hazard!


  1. It's fantastic. I loved the mermaid tutorial, and the idea of using the suitcase is inspired.

  2. It is fab! Lovely that you got to make it and play with it yourself too. :)

  3. Would I like?!,! I'd LOVE IT, feck the children, I'd hide it away, har har

  4. this is super duper adorable...my little girl is quite obsessed with mermaids at the moment, so this would be perfect xx

    1. Thanks so much Kat - your name's in the hat! (hey that rhymes!)

  5. My kids would love this (and I'd promise to keep Zoe away from it for 5 weeks until she is 3!). They are all mad into mermaids since our holiday swimming around the pool. All we heard was "Look Mammy and Daddy I'm a mermaid"....Yes darling you are just like a mermaid! (One of those mermaids with arm bands who can't go underwater!)

  6. This is fab so creative love mermaids.

  7. What a beautiful home for your little mermaids ... I love all the clever little details you added (especially the treasure). What child wouldn't love this (if they can keep the adults away)

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