Washing Windows

I keep asking myself what date it is. I have the feeling that something is coming that I'm afraid to miss. Something I need to be ready for. Apart from a few meetings and a couple of appointments there's nothing major coming up that I'm aware of.

Well, there are three lovely things coming up, the big night out of the Blog Awards (look at my new badge - I'm a FINALIST in the Craft Category!!), a wedding and one very exciting thing I can't really talk  about yet. But the dates for those are so firmly etched in my mind there's not a chance I'll miss them, so they don't count towards this odd unsettled feeling.

This week I cleared three bags worth of assorted 'stuff' from our home and donated them to a local charity shop. I also forced Devo and the girls out of the house for an entire day so that I could clean the things that always get ignored. Like, the oven and the mirrors and... uh... the kitchen floor.

Devo and I have been having conversations about painting rooms and rearranging furniture too. We have a lot of ideas for changes to our home which I'll tell you about in due course.

I have plans to properly sort out my office/craft space. Perhaps I'll even do a 'before and after' to share here!

I sat down and looked at my calendar this morning and I finally realised why I've been feeling this way. It happens to me at this time every single year and I should really be more aware of it by now!

The Autumn Equinox is on the 23rd of this month and this is always the time of year I get a bee in my bonnet about getting ready for the Winter months.

Usually, I'm pulling out rugs and warm blankets at this stage, but this year the weather is a bit strange. It is warm and muggy. Misty and still. Airless almost. But damp. It's had to know what to wear and what the weather will do from one end of the day to the next, so I haven't quite felt ready to make the house cosy yet.

But the days are certainly shortening and I have an urge to make the most of the light we do get, so washing windows is high on my list of priorities at this time of year too.

Luckily I have a little helper in this regard.

Sábha LOVES to wash windows (and has for years) and to make it a bit more fun for her (and also because I didn't have an empty spray bottle) I came up with a fun little way to utilise something that has become defunct after the Summer season.

A water pistol. (Or water bistol, as Sábha calls it)

I fill it with a mix of water, white vinegar and a tiny drop of washing up liquid, give her a cloth and send her off on her 'job'. She spends a happy hour making every bit of glass in the house relatively shiny clean.

The water pistol is easier for her to spray too, than a large bottle of window cleaning fluid. The mixture is safer too, which is especially important because she suffers from allergies and ordinary cleaning products really affect her.

It's very sweet to see how proud she is of her efforts.

Do you have any special tricks to encourage your little ones to help around the house?

I'd love to get some ideas to get Lile 'interested' in some other chores!


  1. My only trick is that if they don't put away their plates, cups etc when they eat outside the kitchen I do it for them and leave them on their pillows!
    I have also thrown my sons clothes that were lying on his floor for months out the window. Sadly some got stuck on the roof, but luckily his room is at the back of the house. He did gather them and put them away though.
    Maybe my way of getting them to do jobs is not working well for me!

    1. HAHA! I love your laidback attitude! I could learn a lot from you :)

  2. For a little while in the summer my son was happy to do any chores that I wrote on his blackboard for him. He loved reading them and ticking them off. It didn't work very well long term. I love the watergun idea, genius! And I'm laughing out loud at you Tric, you can teach us all a thing or two!

    1. Thanks Laura Oh, that's a cute idea with the blackboard... although I'd have to use pictures for now as my girl's can't read yet!

  3. Love the idea of the water pistol but I think our whole house would be soaked if I tried to introduce that one. Sometimes I get my kids to do household chores by trying to make it into a little game and I set a timer... it is only marginally successful but at least it gets them used to helping around the house which is important. For homework last week my two older kids had to do a household chore they had never done before... clever teacher!!!

    1. Oh, I can imagine. Luckily that's not occurred to Sábha yet! The timer is a good idea too and you must LOVE that clever teacher!!!

  4. Great idea but would have to lock the doors while Mini is "working" otherwise she would kindly clean the inside too!

  5. I bought a small spray bottle (although I LOVE the water pistol idea!) and leave it in our downstairs loo with a rag. I just leave it on the floor and every now and then Elf goes in and spends ages cleaning everything. She's always loved cleaning so I think I might just be in luck. I also stand her up at the sink and let her clean the dishes. She gets the calming effect of the water but it also kills close to an hour. I have lots of semi precious stones in my plant pots so when she's done with the dishes she washes them for me. Then some of her toys get a wash. I wouldn't have survived last Winter without that sink entertaining her.

    1. YES to lots of water play. There was a time when Lile spent most of everyday 'washing up'. Now, with water play such a big part of their day in Naíonra, she's not as inclined to be bothered at home but I must give her ACTUAL washing up to do and see how she gets on.


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