Scary Snow Globes

I have about a million things to tell you about last weekend and another handful of posts that have been sitting in the 'to write' pile for far too long, but I can't resist squeezing in a last minute Halloween make for the day that's in it!

I spotted this creepy 'Snow' globe in TKMaxx a few week ago and, though I couldn't justify the purchase at the time, I've sort of been kicking myself since for not picking it up. Then I decided to just make my own version and get over it. (I'm such a little red hen)

Snow globes are actually ridiculously easy to make - if you don't mind not having a fancy base, that is... though you could probably make one of those too, if you were bothered!

All you need is:
  • A small glass jar with lid
  • A plastic/ceramic figurine (metal will rust)
  • Super-glue
  • Some glitter
  • Water
  • Glycerine (available in pharmacies and also useful for sore throats!)
I couldn't find a figurine I liked that was small enough to fit in the little jar I had ear-marked for this project, so in the end I bought a cheap plastic 'skull and bone' necklace (I obviously have a thing for 'skull and bone' products), cut it off the string, glued the bits into a pile and used that instead!

It would be easier, and quicker to use a ready-made figurine - but, sure, why would I make my life easier?!

I glued the 'bone pile' into the centre of the lid of the jar and waited for it to set. Actually I built it in situ so that I could make sure it would fit.

Then I filled the jar with water, added dash of glycerine and a pinch of bat-shaped glitter.

I then sealed the jar, using more super-glue to secure it (a hot-glue gun would work well too) and here's how it turned out!

I'm really pleased with how it looks and now I want to make lots for other seasonal festivals! (I refuse to mention the 'C' word in a Halloween post!)

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