Felt Gingerbread Man Tree Decoration

I spotted some really cute, 'gingerbread-man' style, Christmas decorations in a shop recently. They were only €2.50 each and I almost bought a couple, when Devo stepped in and gently suggested I make a similar ornament using some of the vast stash of felt I have in my craft room, and save my money. Naturally, I tried to persuade him that I was saving the vast stash of felt for a special occasion and that I'd probably never find the time to make ornaments as cute as those. I hemmed and I hawed but knew he was right. I suppose Christmas is as special an occasion as any.

So, yesterday, while a storm raged outside and the girls were busy at the kitchen table with play dough, I took the opportunity to dig into the stash and get stitching. In the end I only needed a scrappy bit of leftover 'gingerbread coloured' felt for this little project and so the rest of my collection remains intact for now.  (I'm slightly worried I have a felt-habit developing...)

This is the result of a rainy afternoon:

To make it, you will need:

  • Felt in a 'gingerbread' colour (or any other colour you fancy)
  • White embroidery thread & a needle
  • 2 small buttons
  • 2 small black beads
  • 1 tiny red bead
  • Clear thread
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Some narrow ribbon
  • A bit of red or green embroidery thread and a few small beads for decoration (optional)
  • Sewing pins 


Start by cutting out two Gingerbread man shapes using a paper pattern.You can download and print my template HERE or just use a person shaped cookie cutter to draw around - which is basically what I did to make the pattern! I always cut out the pieces separately when I'm making small things because I'm a bit ham-fisted, but you can double over the felt and get it done in one go if you prefer.

Embellish one of the pieces with the beads to make the face and the buttons on the body using the clear thread. OR you could always use tiny felt scraps to make the face instead and glue them in place with PVA to make it even easier. You could probably even glue the buttons on too!

Next use the white embroidery thread to stitch the two pieces together. You can use any stitch you like but I used blanket stitch here because it's my favourite and it's what was on the one in the shop. Start at the head and work your way all the way around the body.

When you reach the head again, stop while there is still a small opening and stuff the body. Use a chopstick to push the stuffing into the legs and arms.

You can then insert the hanging ribbon into the opening, stitch it tightly in place and finish off.

Next is the most important bit: Hang your gingerbread person somewhere prominent and make sure you tell all your Christmas visitors that it's unique and handmade and NOT one of those cheap, mass-produced ones from the shop that look just the same.


  1. Sooo gorgeous! What a productive rainy day

    1. Thanks Naomi! I'm secretly enjoying being cooped up as it gives me a chance to keep still for once in my life :)

  2. I really need to extend my felt stash... These are really lovely. Cold, wet November lends itself to sewing :)

    1. It really does, Emily! Aldi have some nice packs of felt at the moment if you decide to brave the weather!

  3. So cute! Once Amelie is a bit bigger and I start getting craft envy/insecurity I'm going to have to come here and have my way with your blog. You'll be powerless to stop it. I just wish I could sew.

    1. OOH! I look forward to that ;) You'll learn to sew in seconds flat. I'll show you some day. I can do, literally two stitches. Running and blanket. I find that's more than adequate for most things.

  4. So lovely - you need to open a shop!

    1. Thank you! It's an idea, but my sewing takes so painfully long there would only be one product at a time in my shop!

  5. These are super cute! I so wish I was good at crafts!!

  6. Texemcrafts offers series of ribbons, bows, patches, appliques, motifs with good price. Have a try here?


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