Oisín The Brave - Moon Adventure: A Book Review

As regular visitors to this space will know, I read a LOT with my girls. I started with simple board books when they were minuscule babies and we have progressed to chapter books now with few images, although they still like picture books best of all.

We go to the library regularly and books are always welcome gifts at special occasions. So when Michelle Melville, from Éire's Kids, contacted me recently offering me a chance to review their first picture book, I was thrilled.

Oisín the Brave - Moon Adventure follows two explorers, Oisín the Brave and Orane the Dragon of N'Scaul as they set off on a journey to the moon to investigate the strange flashing light they see coming from it's surface.

Along the way, they meet some 'Moononians' and eventually figure out the mystery.

There are some lovely illustrations throughout and I loved the way Irish culture, history and indeed, language, is used throughout the book. The rocket ship is decorated with celtic spirals, the magic portal through which the adventurers travel is inside a dolmen and the aliens names, Aon, Dó, Trí, Ceathair and Cúig (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 'as Gaeilge') correspond with the number of eyes they have. There is also a lovely illustrated glossary of Irish language words in the back of the book which my girls really enjoy. 

Both of my girls really enjoyed this book. Sábha said, after the first reading that it was "a cool story'" and asked me to read it again immediately. She later pointed out that although the main character's name is Oisín the Brave, he's not always brave:

I know she's definitely enjoying the story if she's thinking that deeply about it! It's also inspired her to get creative. She arrived home from Naíonra the other day with her very own rocket ship which she is very proud of.

Oisín the Brave - Moon Adventure is on top of the bedtime pile at the moment and we have read it quite a lot over the last week or so. Lile likes the story too but, unfortunately, I can't tell you her favourite part because it will give away the ending. No spoilers here!

The only thing I'm not crazy about is the font used throughout the book. I might sound like a complete snob, but I can't stand Comic Sans! It's probably years and years of working with Word in an office environment that has badly affected me, but I can spot it a mile off and it drives me mad. There are millions and millions of fonts out there - why does this one get all the attention?! In any case, that's a rant for another day, and the font doesn't impinge on the story -  so it's not really an issue.

This book would make a great, affordable birthday or Christmas gift for boys or girls of preschool/junior class age. It costs €6.99 from the website (where it can also be personalised and shipped worldwide!) and is also available from Eason's stores countrywide. You should also keep an eye out for the new book from Éire's Kids, Oisín the Brave - Robot Island which was launched just a few days ago.

To keep up with all the news and to see the other, complimentary products, in the range do give them a like on their Facebook Page.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own (and my children's!), however, and I was not paid to give them 


  1. Comic sans = dealbreaker. Sorry.

    1. Haha! You're a snob too then ;) Luckily my children haven't developed such a discerning eye yet. All they care about is the story :)

  2. We really liked it here.The subject matter, pictures etc. was very well put together. I don't love comic sans either but the boys didn't care and it is a children's book after all.

    1. Glad you liked it too. It's a great story for little ones and you're absolutely right - it's most important that the children enjoy it!

  3. This looks like a great book, both the pictures and the subject matter. Also I love the rocket too!


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