Quick Christmas Tree Craft

This craft was borne out of the frustration of trying to have a conversation with my other half but being constantly interrupted by children. It was a team effort between myself and Devo and took no time at all to get ready. It kept Lile and Sábha happily occupied at the table for enough time for us to have a cup of tea in peace.

You will need:

(this is the quickest way to make these!)

  • The pointy bits from inside an egg carton - our egg cartons are green which was handy, you could eke even more time out of the craft the cartons need to be coloured green first!

(this takes slightly longer to prep)
  • Green Card
  • Small plate/bowl
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glitter glue
  • Sequins/paper stars/small buttons etc (optional)

To make the cone shapes, place the plate/bowl on the green card, draw around it to make a circle and cut it out. Fold the circle over and cut along the fold.
You now have two cones ready to be shaped!

Just bend the straight edge at the middle point and bring them together to form the cone. They will overlap a little bit. Staple the overlap in place. You could also glue along the length of the overlap, but it's a bit more fiddly - this craft is all about being 'quick and easy'!

Decorate the 'trees' with glitter glue.

If you have sequins, tiny pom poms, little stars, buttons or anything else small and sparkly - they look great stuck to the glitter glue too.

Or, if you're Lile, you could go crazy with the scotch tape and make a 'mummy' Christmas tree...

Guess which tree I made ;)
Someone's still stuck on Hallowe'en!

These would look cute all in a row along a mantle piece or window sill or you could attach some ribbon or thread to the point to make a hanging tree decoration.

For more Christmas crafts check out my Felt Gingerbread tree decoration and my contribution to The Nest's Craft Advent - a Wooly Reindeer.


  1. These are so sweet Sadhbh! I bet you and your girls had a ball making them, I'm laughing here at the mummy tree, Lile has a fantastic imagination - or a perchant for Halloween. How about Halloween and Christmas mixed together, Hallomas or Christween, I can't decide which one is better :)

    1. Thanks Fiona :) Yes, Lile is one of a kind - she's a funny little woman (as she says herself!!) I like Hallomas and Christween - definitely a new name for the inbetweeny time before Christmas starts in properly -though Lile is dragging it out a bit, I think!!

  2. These look great - I am going to give them a try. Before I go near the reindeer :)


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