Zazzle Love and a Discount For You!

I had heard of Zazzle, through the grapevine, but it wasn't until I met one of their staff members, the lovely Jessica, at the blog awards and saw the fantastic quality of the 'goodie bag' bag they provided that I decided to have a better look at this great site.

There are literally thousands of gorgeous products available on and with things to suit all ages and all tastes it's a great source of gifty goodness. There are also options to personalise many of the items featured, which is fantastic for special occasions.

A little while ago, Zazzle sent me a couple of products to 'road test' and for the first time since I started getting offered 'stuff' to review - Devo got to get in on the action too! He was very excited to think that someone had thought of him and even more excited when he saw what arrived:

To say he loves it would be a complete understatement.
"From now on, this is the only t-shirt I'm ever wearing" - Devo
(... apart from when it's in the wash, I assume. I hope.)

The quality is excellent, really soft cotton, very comfortable to wear and a great cut. Devo is super-fussy about t-shirts so this is high praise indeed.

My gift was also completely perfect for me:

I'm ALWAYS flitting from one craft to another. From one medium to another. I'm a total 'jack of all trades' style crafter (although definitely a master of none!) and I have toyed with every single type featured on this mug. It's so spot on.
It even has my name on it!

I'll bet my bottom dollar (euro doesn't have the same ring to it) you will find other such 'spot-on' gifts for the lovely people in your life. And if you DO find such things - you can also have a nice discount on it, because you are one of my cherished readers! 

Zazzle has kindly offered Where Wishes Come From readers a 20% DISCOUNT on all t-shirts and mugs from the site between the 1st and the 17th of December 2014.

Use the code: WISHESZAZZLE at checkout to claim your discount!

Zazzle also have regular promos which are shown HERE but it is really worthwhile signing up to the newsletter or following them on facebook to avail of exclusive promos and flash sales, especially coming up to Christmas. 

Note: You might notice that the prices on the site are listed in Pounds Sterling and wonder why I'm sending you off shopping to the UK, but Zazzle's European HQ is actually based in Cork and employs over 700 people there. Shopping local is very important to me, but I feel totally comfortable that I'm still supporting the Irish economy when I shop with Zazzle.

Disclosure: I was provided with one personalised mug and one (very cool) t-shirt for the purposes of review. Zazzle were kind enough to offer Where Wishes Come From readers a 20% Discount on all t-shirts and mugs for a limited time only. Thanks Zazzle!


  1. Love it! Off to check Zazzle, have a few ideas in mind already and what a nice discount!

  2. My comment has disappeared.... Delighted to hear of these, always on the lookout for "local" businesses! That tshirt and mug are GREAT

    1. Aren't they fun?! that mug would suit you too, I think ;)

  3. Lovely photos and great gift ideas!Off to have a goo!


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