Creative Karma

There has been some lovely creative karma floating around this week. Perfect examples of how lovely humans can be, for absolutely no reason at all. Confirmation for me, that if you pay someone a kindness, the universe will find a way to reward you, in the most unexpected and unanticipated ways.

I recently designed a logo and a header as a gift for the lovely Janine at cookingwithcraic. I'm not a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I've mentioned before that I've always enjoyed drawing little pictures and I'm really into developing headers for this space, lately, so when Janine mentioned she wanted a new blog-header, I offered her my very limited services. I met Janine in Kilkenny, where we ate ourselves around the county and I found her to be just the friendliest, most fun person ever. She's originally from Canada but has been living in Ireland with her Irish husband and adorable daughter for a few years now. Her blog is PACKED with great recipes and a flavour of her rural life and I enjoy reading it (and drooling at her food) a lot. I tried to capture some of her wonderful personality in what is a very simple drawing, and she seems very pleased with it, so I must have done something right.

I'm so happy she liked it!

A couple of days ago I got a gift from another very talented friend of mine. A portrait of Lile and Sábha, based on a photo of them from my Instagram account

I ADORE it and I can't wait to frame it and hang it in my newly decorated sitting room. Louise Ní Chuilinn (find her on Instagram and Twitter @louieezus) who is actually the daughter of my ex-boss, is the artist. I've known her since she was really little (which I try no to think about too much) and she is an incredibly talented individual. She is currently studying for her Masters and these little 'doodles' as she calls them (they are SO much more than doodles!) are currently just a hobby. I've been cajoling her to publish a book of her creations - mostly because I want to own it and I really hope that someday she does. I'll be first in line to get my copy and now I'll be bragging loudly at the top of the queue that I am the owner of  an original Louieezus! 

Keep an eye on this girl, she'll go FAR. 

On Friday, Sábha was the lucky one on the receiving end of the good karma when her very random wish for a 'Bonnet' came true. She had been observing my grandmother knitting the previous Friday (we spend every Friday afternoon in her house) and had apparently been very interested in it. Unbeknownst to me, she had put in a polite request for a 'pink bonnet'. I have no idea where that idea even came from. The unusual nature of request must have tickled my generous-hearted grandmother as she was ready and waiting to present one to Sábha the moment we arrived yesterday. It's a sort of a cross between a bonnet and a headband. It buttons at the nape of her neck but ties under her chin like a baby bonnet. It's gorgeous and even has sparkles in the white wool.

Sábha is absolutely thrilled with it, and even though she insists on wearing it untied and not positioned properly on her head, it still looks perfect on her.

Lile has now put in a request for a yellow one. It has been promised for next Friday. More good karma.


None of these kindnesses are connected in any tangible way - but the thing that unites them is that they were all done with no motives behind them other than making someone else happy. 

I know I didn't think for one second that Janine would 'owe' me anything in return for the header, I was happy to help her out while also getting to spend time doing something I enjoy doing anyway. Louise told me that she loved working off the photo and was happy to gift me the original. I assume for her, the 'return' was also in the 'having an excuse to spend time doing something you enjoy'. It's probably similar for my grandmother, although she is kindness personified, so it's forever been in her nature to go out of her way for the people she loves.

January can be such a dark and dreary month but a little kindness can go a long way to making it brighter and more beautiful.  

From Janine's words about my blog, to the amazing portrait of my lucky little girls - the universe has been more than generous to me this month!


  1. Triple loveliness! It's sometimes a cliché, but really we all get so much enjoyment out of doing something nice for somebody else - I think mostly humans are hardwired to want to do nice things (we just get bad press - from ourselves :) )

  2. The feel good factor is high Sadhbh! Nice things happen to nice people.

  3. Such a lovely post! And I really believe in karma - if you do good for others good things will come your way! A header and logo for my blog was something I had been needing for so long but it's so hard to trust someone to really "get" who you are and what you're about. So nice to have met a kindred spirit in Kilkenny :) looking forward to more hangouts in the future! xx

    1. I'm so glad I met you too! Goodness, This blogging lark is great for finding fabulous people :) Can't wait to see you again!


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