Mama, Is it Spring Yet?

We were walking home from the bus stop last week when Sábha suddenly stopped in her tracks and asked me that question. 

"Not yet. But nearly." I replied and then followed her gaze across the street to where there was a tree covered in fresh, delicate blossoms.

"Oh!" I corrected myself, "Maybe it is Spring already"

Over the past few days we have spotted swathes of snowdrops in the park, dangling catkins, the tall green shoots of daffodils and yellow crocuses on the brink of blooming. So Spring must surely be taking hold!

There has also been snow. And sleet. And biting cold. And that greyness that only January can bring washing over everything.

But these little glimpses of new life in what feels like the depths of winter really gladden my heart. There are snatches of sunshine to be relished in the days and the stretch in the evenings is now beginning to be noticeable.

Sunday brings Imbolc and the official first day of Spring. In this part of the world, at least. We hope to get out into the woods for a walk that day. The cold weather has had me baking incessantly, so no doubt there will be nice things to eat as we welcome the shift in the seasons.

On Sunday evening we will light a candle and make a wish for the brighter, warmer days to come soon.

Happy Spring!


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  1. We are very excited about Sunday and Spring too. I need to read more about Imbolc. What a gorgeous photo!

    1. Thanks A! I'm always so ready for Winter to end, even though there is still a lot of cold weather still to come!

  2. I never think of Imbolc as the start of spring more as it coming nearer we are still very much in the depths of winter and will be for at least another month! Enjoy your weekend :)

    1. Thank you! I think I'm always just so eager to get a move on to Spring as it brings such joy. My babes, my hubby and my sisters are spring chicks, so it's always a fun time of year, with parties and celebrations to plan! I can never wait for it to arrive, so I'll take any of the first tiny signs as evidence that it has :)


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