6 Simple Ways to Share Sweet Nothings this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day will soon be here and I was taking a little gander back through my blog archives to see what posts it might be nice to share again when I realised I actually have precious little from this time of year to look back on! Apart from THIS (awww!) and.. erm.. THIS much-less-cute effort from last year...

It's high time I put a bit more effort into celebrating this love-fest as the girls have started asking me about it and are very enthusiastic about telling everyone just how much they love them. Especially one of their preschool teachers who Lile recently asked to be her mother instead of me. "What about me?!" I cried, distraught that she could want rid of me after only (almost) five years.
"You can be my teacher if you like." She replied.

She has it all figured out.

Anyway, today I raided my craft stash to bring you 6 Simple Ways to Share Sweet Nothings this Valentine's Day. First I grabbed all of the stuff I thought I could use for inspiration and then thought about how I could use it. Not all of the things pictured above ended up being used but I still managed to come up with 6 different ideas which are super easy and perfect for last minute-valentines.

1. Pencil Heart Stamp

I love anything miniature and this quick craft really ticks that box for me. This is so simple you'll have a stash of them made in no time for the kids... or for yourself...
You will need: 
A pencil with an eraser on top
A craft knife
Stamping ink (or a felt tip pen)
Things to decorate

All you need to do is draw a tiny heart on the eraser of a pencil and use the craft knife to carve it out, being careful not to cut completely through the eraser. When the heart is cut out, load it with ink and get stamping! I made this simple card in seconds. You could decorate wrapping paper, gift bags or anything else you can think of!

2. Origami Envelopes

These envelopes are really easy to make and take no time at all to fold. Follow these instructions and you will have a stack of them made in no time. It's kind of addictive. You can cut squares of cute wrapping paper or buy some pre-cut origami paper which is easier and faster.

You will need:
Origami Squares
Wrapping paper cut into squares
Tiny things to put inside

Fill the envelopes with love notes, heart confetti, sweets or tiny notebooks. They make lovely, inexpensive gifts.

3. Sweet Stuff

This barely qualifies as a craft to be honest, but you can't have Valentine's Day without something sweet! I had these cupcake cases in my stash since last year when I never got around to baking with them. I filled some with valentine's sweeties, popped them in a cellophane bag and they are ready! 
Cute cupcake cases like these, with yummy cake inside would also make a lovely gift.

4. A Berry Happy Valentine's Card

I found some self adhesive strawberries in my craft stash and used one to make the easiest Valentine's card ever. I actually made this card while I was on the phone to my sister - which is my excuse for it being totally off centre - but I think it still looks cute.

You will need:
'Berry' themed stickers (you could also just cut out a picture of a strawberry and glue it on)
Card blank & envelope
Letter Stamps/Felt tip pen

Just stick the strawberry to the card blank, stamp or write the words 'Have a BERRY happy valentine's day' and you're done!

5. Love Line Decoration

This is a simple decoration to get your home ready for Valentine's Day in a jiffy. 

You will need:
Washi Tape
Miniature pegs
Photos, notes, love hearts, etc

Use tape to secure a length of string to the wall (or string it between two nails if you have them!). Add photos of your loved ones, little love notes, paper hearts and anything else 'valentinesy' (not a word) you can find.

6. Lacing Love

This would make a cute gift for a little one in your life and takes very little time and effort to make.

You will need:
Strong card
Metallic card (or coloured paper)
Glue stick
Hole punch
Beads (optional)

Cut out a heart shape in the strong card and use it as a template to trace two more hearts in the metallic card. Cut out the metallic hearts and glue one to each side of the strong card heart.

When the glue has set, use the hole punch to cut a series of holes around the edge of the heart. Add some beads to the end of the string and knot it. (Tip: if the tip of the string frays you can use some PVA glue to seal it. It will make it easier for a little one to thread)


I hope you find these ideas useful and that you have a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. These are just gorgeous. I don't want to post my one simple Valentine craft now as it looks rubbish in comparison:)

    1. Oh, thank you but please do share yours! I didn't let my girls join in in any of this fun so I'm still looking for more ideas!!

  2. You are so talented Sadhbh, seriously.

  3. These are beautiful! I just love the pencil stamp!

    1. Thanks Laura! I love it too and now, no eraser-topped pencil is safe from me ;)

  4. They are all beautiful :) I can't decide if the Loveline or the Heart stamped card is my favourite!

  5. Gorgeous. I adore the love line such a simple yet incredibly effective craft!

    1. I'm all about 'simple and effective'. Life is too short for hard labour ;) ;)

  6. Wow, amazing! I can't decide which one I like best. You are so talented being able to create all that from your little stash

    1. Thanks so much, Naomi! I'm a terrible 'craft stuff' hoarder - but productive days like this justify it for me ;)


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