Not New Niceties #4

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favourite Instagram buddies and fabulous blogger, Alex, The Interior DIYer. After she had admired my last NNN  (Hemingway's House) I invited her to come for a visit and to join me on a tour of the numerous thrift/charity stores in my home town to see if she could find some gems of her own.

We had a really fun time together and Alex, who is much more organised than me, has already put a great post together all about it which you can see HERE.

I thought it only right that I document my finds of the day too - though my scores fall WAY short of the almighty TraXedo Alex found. (You need to see the TraXedo)

I set out on a mission to not buy too much stuff. We're in a bit of a de-cluttering mode here at Where Wishes HQ as we are planning to redecorate most rooms in the house. We don't want a whole lot of new (to us) things coming into the house unless we are sure they actually match the new decor or we really need them.

But it's hard to go into 11 different shops and not spend anything... 

So, of course, I bought a couple of things.

First up I bought a book. I'm always a sucker for a book. Especially if it only costs €1.00. I was intrigued by the description of the author on the flyleaf and I'm a fan of short stories so I'm looking forward to reading this, just as soon as I finish my current book (Spoiler: it's more short stories).

My next purchase was actually a practical one. We currently own just three egg-cups. In a household of four people - this is both a mystery and regular irritation. Egg cups are cheap and easy to find, so I have no idea how we got into this sorry state - but when I spotted this little hand-painted beauty I knew our staggered breakfasts had come to an end. €0.50cent well spent.

My favourite find of the day was this tiny brass oak-leaf that cost €3.00. I have a bit of a *thing* for oak trees. I quite like trees in general but there is something special about oaks. I have used the 9 oak trees at the bottom of my road as inspiration more than once and there always a few acorns rattling around at the bottom of my handbag long after Autumn has come and gone.

I told myself that this little dish, that's just the size of my palm, would be very useful for 'styling photos for the blog'... but really I just couldn't resist it and probably would have bought it whether I had a blog or not! It currently holds the (paltry) beginnings of my sea-glass collection and some other seaside treasures. I reckon that qualifies as useful.


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  1. My granny used to use that oak leaf as an ask tray �� I much prefer your use for it and love this series

  2. Ah I had such a great time Sadhbh! Thank you again for the tour and for some serious comfort food afterwards.

    That oak leaf dish is so beautiful, I'm glad I twisted your arm for that ;) Charity shops are so much winning for little gems like that that you would never find on the high street.

    xx A

  3. I love your egg cup! LOVE it and we have a household of 7....I keep saying I must buy egg cups and then I don't!

    1. Ha! Glad I'm not alone! What is it with eggcups?! Such a vital piece of kitchenware yet so sadly neglected. Thanks for commenting x


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