Missing in March

I've just noticed a trend. Not a hip, new fashion-trend or anything exciting like that. Rather, a mundane trend that has nothing to do with anyone other than myself. This is what I've realised:

For the past few years, I've written very little during the month of March.

That's it.

Fascinating stuff, huh? A real revelation. I'm sure your life feels complete now that you know that about me. Ha!

My gorgeous Mother's Day Gift. Masterminded by Sábha. Made real by Devo.
This year is no different, but because now that I've noticed that fact, I'm trying to pinpoint why it is my creative well seems to always run dry in March. Because March is such a great month and I feel like my blog shouldn't suddenly become this barren wasteland when the days are noticeably stretching and we get glimpses glorious sunshine and the daffodils are out and the cherry blossom is about to burst forth. There's a real feeling of life and vitality returning and hope for the brighter days ahead in March, but all I'm doing here these days is moaning about Paddy's Day.

One of my favourite quotes from my photo book.
I have all of these plans in my head and all of these projects that are half begun and half imagined and I keep flitting from one to the other and not getting anything done on any one of them. I have great ideas for blog posts when I'm out walking/running (I've started this again) and by the time I get home I've forgotten what the hell was so brilliant about them.

In the end, I didn't have to search for very long to find my answer. One look at the calendar explained everything. Since I had children - March has become the month I spend getting ready for April. 

Sad that they're not tall enough to ride.
I've mentioned before that every member of my immediate family has their birthday in April and that many other important family members and indeed, friends, have birthdays between now and  the end of April.

The girls are turning 5 in a couple of weeks and plans for their party are underway and getting kind of hilarious. I can't wait to tell you about it. Devo has the VERY IMPORTANT BIRTHDAY coming up too which needs to be thought about.  

I'm also trying to start some projects that are bigger than blog posts and that might impact how my future will pan out. But plans like that are painstakingly slow to put into action.

Then there's lovely things like Mother's Day. And days out at the funfair. And making gifts for leprechauns keeping us busy. Which can't be ignored either.

We left out pretty pictures, milk and gold star sprinkles to attract any passing Leprechauns.
The girls drew pictures of girl leprechauns because they didn't believe me when I told them that they didn't exist.

Maybe it's no bad thing. To be busy out in the world rather than hiding behind my computer. But I'd really love if someone could orchestrate adding an extra 12 hours onto my days. Or at least rearrange everybody's birthdays until they are more evenly distributed!


  1. March is busy! I keep finding myself saying to people "March is a funny month isn't it, it's so busy and a bit confusing because things happen on different dates each year, so we have to focus to keep track" and they don't even look at me as though I'm odd when I say that - because it's true.

    1. It IS busy! And you're right about it being confusing. I never know when things are supposed to happen at this time of year. Except for ALL of the birthdays! Glad I'm not alone in my confusion.

  2. Well its half way through March and I've enjoyed what you have posted. This is food for thought. I sometimes loose my mojo but it's usually down to mood. Sounds like you've a busy, intriguing and expensive April ahead.
    Enjoy St Patricks day (hahahaha had to get that in).

    1. Thanks T! April will be fun - but only if I get my house in order in March! Have a great day tomorrow - you may have convinced me to lighten up ;)

  3. March really is a jam-packed month, luckily Easter isn't in March this year. It sounds like you and your family are having a great, fun-filled month. I wish I wasn't hiding behind a computer, I need a quiet month, I also need warmer weather first though before I venture outside for the long haul, it's freeeezing! I hope April will be amazing for you and yours, all the birthdays, July was a great month for the baby making :)

  4. I lose my blogging mojo regularly, can't seem to pinpoint the reason though. I guess the answer is to just simply blog about what's going on for you, right now when you're stuck? Like what you've done right here? I even made a list of things I wat to blog about, it's starting that's the problem!

  5. I feel like I'm just coming back to life after the long LONG winter, actually. Though I'm not sure that's reflected in my blog. I do have a birthday to attend to in March (husband) and a much more important one to plan for in April (firstborn) though, so there's that to distract me too.


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