Paddy's Day Wins

I know I dedicated an entire post to hating Paddy's Day recently - but I feel like I managed to reclaim it a little bit yesterday. Not having to work definitely helped.

In the morning we discovered that a passing Leprechaun had been attracted by the gifts we left out. (Possibly, mostly by the depictions of the Lady-Leprechauns?) The milk was drank and the gold star sugar-sprinkles had disappeared and been replaced by some gold coins. For a minute we thought that they might be real gold (which I was quite happy about) but then Lile and Sábha discovered that they were actually made of chocolate (which they were happy about).

I suppose no self respecting Leprechaun would ever leave actual gold for us mere mortals to squander on.. erm... bills and food and stuff... More's the pity!

In the afternoon the girls and I teamed up with my sister, her fiancée and my niece and walked up to watch the town parade.

Waiting for the parade to begin. Cuteness x 3.

It was definitely more of an elaborate affair than it was when I was a kid - the costumes on some of the drama groups, for example, were fantastic. Bright and colourful and my girls were very impressed. 

Not an example of colourful costumes!
But the highlight of the whole thing, for us, was spotting one of the girls' preschool leaders walking in the parade. She is a lovely girl, who does amazing work with the children in her care, all through Irish, and she also happens to have some special needs. Lile and Sábha LOVE her. She was marching with her Special Olympics team mates and it was so lovely to see the pride and joy on her face as she walked shoulder-to-shoulder with her friends. The girls went crazy jumping up and down and waving to her. It definitely made their day to see her up there doing her thing.

Afterwards we walked back to my parent's house where there was hot-chocolate and treats awaiting us. It felt like a long-lazy Sunday with a random parade thrown in for good measure. Luckily, we also managed to avoid seeing any of the drunkeness-on-the-streets - which was a major win in my book!

And speaking of wins - I also managed to remember to choose the winners of the Futa Fata Giveaway!

Comhghairdeas le:

Tracy K. Nixon & Jill Jordan

Please send your postal addresses to wherewishescomefrom [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll pop them in the post asap. Thanks to everyone else for entering, I'll have another giveaway soon and a big GRMMA to Futa Fata for providing the prize.


  1. I tried responding on my phone earlier, but the frustration with trying to type go raibh mile maith agat with my phones autocorrect on got the better of me :)

    Now I realise thats what GRMMA means...

    1. Yep -Gaeilge has evolved to having text-speak and it is a GODSEND when it takes 75 words to say something you could use three English words to say ;)

      Well done!

  2. Thank you! I have emailed you xxx


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