Felt Bunny Rabbit Craft Tutorial

I'm ridiculously late with this one but I've been so busy with the girls' birthday (thank you, by the way, for the gorgeous comments my last post) that I didn't even think I'd get around to posting this in time for Easter. I didn't manage to find the time to do a cute photo shoot with the finished product and the pattern is a little bit... erm... unfinished looking (it works fine) but I'm sharing it now anyway because otherwise it'll never happen.  

I wanted to make something fun and non-chocolatey for my youngest niece and nephew as a first Easter gift and I came up with this simple felt bunny design that is easy to put together and lovely to cuddle. 

You will need:
Felt (any pastel shade you fancy)
Sewing machine/needle and thread
Polyester stuffing
Black embroidery thread
Pink embroidery thread
Scraps of black felt for the eyes and pink for the nose (you'll need PVA glue for this option)
Sewing pins

You'll also need to print out the pattern which you can find HERE


  • Pin the pattern to a doubled piece of felt to cut out two pieces in one fell swoop.
  • On one piece of felt use the embroidery threads to sew on eyes (in black) and a Y shape for a nose (in pink). OR ignore that for now and skip to the next bit.
  • Pin the pattern pieces together and sew together using a simple running stitch/back stitch/blanket stitch or whatever you're having yourself. I used running stitch here. 
  • Start sewing at the inner, left ear and work you way around, pausing when you get to the inner, right ear to stuff the bunny.
  • Stuff the feet and arms first, using a pencil/chopstick to push the stuffing in firmly. 
  • When the bunny is stuffed sew across the top of the head and tie-off.
  • If you ignored the second point, you can now use scraps of black felt and glue them in place for eyes. Do the same with a triangle of pink felt for a nose.

And there you have an easy Easter Bunny! Go make one now, while you've still got time!


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