The Family That Draws Together... Draws Together

Lile's obsession with drawing has been well documented but, despite a promising start, Sábha hasn't really had much of an interest in putting pen, or pencil, or crayon, or even paint, to paper. 

Her fine motor skills don't seem to be as well developed as her sister's and I don't know if it was a chore for her to draw or if the fact that she doesn't like to sit still for more than 30 seconds at a time was the reason for her disinterest.

Lately though, Devo has started playing some drawing games with the girls which have definitely grabbed Sábha's attention and she finally seems to be enjoying drawing. She has started taking out pens and paper, independently, a lot more regularly since these games were introduced too. I think this is fantastic because I want her little hands to be up to the task of learning to write when she goes to school in September and practice makes perfect as we all know!

I thought I might share a couple of the games that are popular with my girls in case you happen to have any reluctant artists you'd like to encourage. I promise you don't need any level of skill at all for these games. Stick figures and basic shapes work just as well, if not better, than elaborate designs. There are also no 'winners' or 'losers' in these games - just a good old fashioned sense of accomplishment for everyone involved.

1. Copy Cats

Sábha took the lead on this one and Lile copied her.
We love this simple game. It can be played by two or more family members and very little is needed in terms of materials or talent to have fun with it.

You will need:
Paper and Coloured pens/pencils/crayons for each player

How to Play:
One person takes the lead and begins to draw a picture. It really doesn't matter how simple or complex the picture is as the lead artist will be breaking it down step-by-step as they draw. So they will draw, say, the head first and wait a second for the other players to copy it before moving on to adding the features. Again, pausing for a moment after each new addition to make sure everyone is keeping up. It's not a race.

Devo took the lead on this one and the girls copied.
When the drawing is finished everyone gets a chance to see how everyone else's picture turned out before the next player takes their turn to be the 'leader'.

This was Lile's turn in the leader position. Sábha and Devo copied.
It is a wonderful confidence boost, especially for a child who doesn't consider themselves 'good at drawing' to have everyone follow their lead and try to copy them as best they can. It has definitely helped Sábha's confidence in her drawing skills and I often find the girls playing this game together without parental interference!

The girls did this yesterday morning. I'm not sure who copied who!

2. Scribbles

This is another simple and fun game that is easiest played with just two players but can be played by more if patience can be held!

You will need:
A Magnetic Doodle Board*
Paper and Pen/pencil/crayon

*We prefer to use the doodle board as we tend to go through a LOT of paper in a very short amount of time with this game!

How to Play:
This game can be played a little bit 'fast and furious'. Player one needs to do a 'scribble' on the doodle board or on paper and then pass it on to player two.

Example of a scribble... in case you didn't know what one looks like ;)

Player two then has to make a recognisable picture out of it.

The above scribble transformed!

After it has been sufficiently admired, player two then gets a turn to provide a scribble for player one.
Repeat ad nauseum. (This game goes on for aaaages in our house)

3. Drawing Together

Another thing we do from time to time is to just sit down together, as a family, to draw at the kitchen table. I use one of those mile-long IKEA paper rolls, cover the table with it and plonk down a few pots of markers, pens, pencils, crayons etc. We'll all sit down and doodle away. There is no end result expected or any direction given. We sometimes even come and go to it over the course of an afternoon. The girls love when we join them at the table doing this and we always end up having lovely conversations that might never happen otherwise. It's the perfect rainy day activity.

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Do you have any other drawing games you like to play with your little ones?


  1. Ooh these are great ideas! I'm terrible at crafts and rarely attempt, but I like drawing, and often draw pictures for the kids that they can colour in. So I love the idea of turning drawing into a game - brilliant!

    1. Oh that's a great idea. My hubby is much better at drawing than me and he also draws things for the girls to colour - I'd completely forgotten that! I'm sure your gang would enjoy these games. Let me know if you try them!

  2. Love these ideas, I've a reluctant drawer here too, I think it's lack of patience. We'll definitely try out these games.

    1. Thanks Laura! I think it's a lack of patience here too sometimes. S is not a big fan of colouring in for that exact reason - but now, at least, she's beginning to spend more and more time drawing from her own imagination - which is probably more beneficial anyway! I hope your boys enjoy!


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