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I've been trying to figure out a way to tell you about my trip to New York that won't end up being one massive, gushing post about every minuscule detail that no one but me would ever bother wading through. I considered breaking it up into a Day 1, Day 2, etc format but I couldn't possibly inflict five entire posts of me bragging about my holiday on you. I refuse to become that aunt. The one that forced you to watch a 500-photo slideshow of her visit to ancient Egypt, when you were a child. You're welcome.
Katz's Delicatessen at E. Houston & Ludlow
So, I've whittled it down to two posts. Well... maybe three. The first two will be:
  1. New York Eats: (That will be this post, when I finally get to the point.) It will be about the food we ate and where we ate it. Spoiler: New York is GOOOOOD to people who like eating. Especially to people who like eating breakfast. Which I do now.
  2. New York Arts: This will be about the creativity that is to be found in every corner of the city and the art/artists we were lucky enough to encounter during our stay.
The optional extra will be:

New York Loves: Basically a collection of anything I've left out of the other two posts but that I still think deserves a mention. It is likely to contain lots of photos.

Without further ado - LET'S EAT!
Breakfast at Berkli Parc on the Lower East Side: Delancy & 1st Avenue
I realised very quickly that it is almost impossible to eat badly in New York. Well, in Manhattan anyway, which is where we spent most of our time. I also discovered a love for breakfast food I never thought was possible. 

I'm not usually a big fan of breakfast but all that changed on holidays. Each day we ate MASSIVE breakfasts which saw us clear through until dinner time - with just a tiny bit of cake to sustain us in the interim. Well, it would have been rude not to when places like Magnolia Bakery exist.
Go to Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street and take your treats to The Highline for a picnic.
We were staying on the Lower East Side and ate locally every morning. There is a glut of fantastic eateries in that neck of the woods - including Katz's Deli (the restaurant featured in that famous scene from that famous movie. You know... "I'll have what she's having"? There you go.). It is busy and bustling and slightly confusing to navigate the ordering system when you first arrive but it's well worth a visit. It's not celebrated as a NY institution for nothing. The portions are gigantic, the food tastes great and the atmosphere is wonderful.
When Devo met Pastrami. (I had a pumpernickel bagel with lox.)
We also both really liked a diner called 'The Remedy' which opens 24 hours and has a menu longer than both my arms. Their spelt pancakes were divine. As were the Waffles. Devo assures me the omelets were good too but I was too busy devouring my own to try his.
Not eaten on the same day. I swear.
I could pretty much talk about breakfast food and cake forever, but we did eat other things too. Such as delicious tacos and burritos in Choza Taqueria in the West Village. Juicy, flavourful burgers in Mikey's Burgers and plenty of dollar pizza slices.
Om, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom....
Other favourites were the home made lemonade and the pecan danishes at Essex Street Market, the juices and smoothies at The Bean in the East Village, Brooklyn Brewery East IPA... oh and the other place we had breakfast in (pictured near the top of this post), Berkli Parc, which was a great 'first New York breakfast' experience.

Food-wise, our New York trip was all about the most important meal of the day... which is no bad thing, I reckon. It's converted me from long-standing breakfast-disliker to a full-on breakfast savage. Well done New York!

P.S. You might have noticed a shiny new badge over there on my sidebar. I am thrilled and delighted to have won the 'Most Beautiful Blog' award sponsored by Blacknight Solutions at the inaugural Glenisk Irish Parenting Blogger Awards which were held last Saturday night in Dublin. It was an amazing night and the team behind it did a stellar job. Check out all of the other winners HERE and just search #IPBAwards on any social media network for a taste of how fantastic the night was.

And just look at my gorgeous teapot trophy! It was designed by Colourines Wonderful and I absolutely love it!


  1. I love breakfast. I got a waffle maker for Christmas so now I can have fancy breakfast every weekend.

  2. OH GOD THOSE BREAKFASTS. My eye balls. We're trying to have bigger breakfasts these days. Big breakfast, medium lunch and a small dinner - it's supposed to be healthier for you than my current diet of realising it's 13:30, maybe I should have some breakfast? Or lunch? I'll just finish this paragraph. Oh now it's 16:30, I might as well just wait for dinner and then I have a ginormous dinner. That ain't too good.

    p.s. Congrats Sadhbh on winning the most beautiful blog! It is well deserved. Your blog is so pretteh! xx

    1. I'm exactly like that. It's such a bad habit to be eating massive amounts in the evening, Big breakfast FTW.

      And thanks!!

  3. Great post Hun, love New York,so want to go back! Look forward to your other two posts x

  4. Congratulations on your award! All that talk of food is making my mouth water........

  5. And now I'm hungry lol that all looks so yummy!!

  6. ...don't forget the two dollar beers with which to wash down the one dollar pizzas!! Soooo much fun, soooo much gooood!!!!

  7. It's midnight, I want breakfast. So hungry lol. Congratulations on your win!!

    1. You have a good excuse though ;) Well done on your win too!!

  8. It's midnight, I want breakfast. So hungry lol. Congratulations on your win!!

  9. Brilliant way to make me want to go to NY. Think we'll have pancakes for brekkie once I wipe the drool off my phone.

  10. I love breakfast so much and I think it did start with J1 summers in the States. They do it like nowhere else, don't they. Eggs and grits and hash browns and bacon and pancakes and waffles and fruit and maple syrup and so much coffee, with refills in white cups, just like Twin Peaks *lost now in wave of nostalgia*

    1. They are definitely way ahead of us in the breakfast department. And LOVE the refills. That needs to catch on here STAT.


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