The A to Z of Me

There's a little game of tag happening in Blogland these days and I've been tagged by the lovely Lucy at Learner Mama to join in. I'm not usually great at getting around to these things but, as you may have noticed, this space has been a bit quiet of late. There are some very excellent reasons for that (more soon!) but suffice to say, I've been looking for a way out of a writing rut and it seems this is it. Thanks Lucy!

Unfortunately for you, dear reader, you're about to be subjected to learning 26 random things about me that you will probably never need or want to know... sorry in advance... but here goes. The A to Z of Me.

A is for America: My favourite travel destination. I've been to the States a handful of times, lived there for a Summer and once took a coast-to-coast train from Philadelphia to San Francisco. It took four days and four nights and was quite an adventure (hey, adventure begins with A too!) Most recently, I was in New York which I absolutely adored.

B is for Barcelona: The first trip Devo and I took together was to Barcelona. We fell in love with the food, the architecture, the culture and the weather. I hope to go back again some day. 

C is for Cards: Greeting cards used to be a big part of my life. I founded the Irish language greeting card company Cártaí Rúbaí, designed all the cards and built it up from scratch. C is also for Cáit, my lovely sister who now runs the company. 

D is for Devo: My other half. Devo is his nickname but it's all I've ever called him. When we started going out all of his friends started referring to him as his real name, as apparently girlfriends don't use nicknames (?!) I had no idea who they were talking about. 

E is for Eggs: I was allergic to them when I was a baby but now I love them. Especially baked.

F is for Family: Family is massively important to me. I'm very close to mine and also stay in regular contact with my gigantic extended family. 

G is for Gallagher: My surname before I was married. 

H is for Horror Movies: I used to quite enjoy a fright fest but I absolutely cannot handle them anymore. Even the cheesy ones that you're supposed to laugh at.

I is for Irish: My second language. I'm very proud to be able to speak it. It has opened up a whole world of opportunities I know I would never have had without it.

J is for Jam: My nana gives us a jar of homemade jam almost every week. If you ever need jam or marmalade at short notice, I can usually sort you out. 

K is for Kilt: My school uniform included wearing one of these. I was always losing my pin. An ill-wind of a Winter's day was a dangerous thing.

L is for Lile: My crazy, darling first-born twin. The apple of one of my eyes.

M is for Mandela: I once made eye-contact and shared a smile with Nelson Mandela while he was in Dublin. It's my claim to fame. 

N is for Nanas: At one stage in my life I had four. Two great-grandmothers and two grandmothers. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to still have my two grandmothers in my life. I love them very much.

O is for Observant: I like to think I'm an observant person. I like to take note of the little things in life. Wildflowers growing in a crack in a wall. What shapes the clouds are making. The way the sunlight falls in my bedroom at different times of year. It makes me immensely thankful to be alive.

P is for Parents: I have two of the best. They are incredibly kind and supportive and worked so hard to give me and my siblings everything we needed and most of what we wanted. In fact they still do. I love them more than I can say.

Q is for Queen: The Queen of England once waved to me from her car. She was passing my old city-centre office while on her state visit. My colleagues and I ran out to catch a glimpse and she waved to us. That's my other claim to fame.

R is for Rain: I'm a bit of a pluviophile and like nothing more than being cosy indoors while the rain pelts down outside. It's probably a good thing that I live in Ireland where I can indulge myself almost everyday. 

S is for Sábha: My crazy, darling second-born twin. The apple of my other eye.

T is for Trinity: I spent four years at university in TCD studying Drama and Modern Irish. I had a fantastic time and made some lifelong friends there.

U is for Unicorn: Obviously. (I have a mild obsession. See here and here)

V is for Verbose: I am quite a 'chatty' person and not often stuck for words. Erm... basically, I never shut up.

W is for Wheat: I am wheat intolerant. It physically hurts me to eat it. But I love cake. It's annoying.

X is for Xanthocomic: This apparently means 'yellow-haired'. Which I was. Until I was 18 or 19 and started messing with it. I've been a brunette for about 15 years now though.

Y is for YOLO: (Yes, I did just type that - but you'll never catch me saying it aloud.) I'm a big believer in 'You Only Live Once' and I try to pack in as much living as possible into my time here on this wonderful planet.

Z is for Zonk: As in, I am zonked after writing this. And if you managed to get this far you're probably zonked too! Thanks for reading.


  1. Great a-z, that's the best x word I've ever seen

    1. Thank Sinéad, it was fun to do. I think know xanthocomic is my new favourite word!

  2. Ah you "win" on the x!!

    1. It's not a competition! (Wait-is it?? In that case I gladly accept the prize ;) )

  3. Great list, you did really well with the awkward letters :) Love the photos too

  4. So - madness - but I once shook Nelson Mandela's hand in Dublin and the Queen passed our city centre office and waved up too. Well, I think she did. Who knew we had so much in common!


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