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Oh, hello! Remember me? I'm the girl that used to write this blog. I was stolen away by another project recently and all my attempts to continue writing, reading and social media-ing failed for the duration of my distraction. I'll share the details of what I was up to as soon as I can but in the meantime I have masses of fun stuff planned for this poor, neglected bit of the internet. 

It's been so long since I've written anything I thought I'd better get a little catch up type-thing out there or I'd just never know where to begin! So aside from the thing I'm dying to talk about but can't (sorry, I know that's a REALLY ANNOYING thing to say...) there has been plenty of other things keeping me on my toes.
Among the zoo trips and birthday parties and first sea-dips of the Summer, Lile and Sábha have also been gearing up for their last days of Naíonra (sniffle) and have had their open day in their new school. I barely managed to keep it together that day, watching them settle in with their future classmates, so I'm fairly certain I'll be a wet-eyed disaster area on their first day of big school, in a couple of months. By contrast, they'll probably skip in without a backward glance - that's if the success of the open day is anything to go by.
They're also looking forward to their Summer holidays and have a looooong wishlist of things they'd like to do. They have had some pretty good ideas so I'll be sure to share those soon in case you're looking for things to do with little ones over the Summer break too.

We've also had a visit from some lovely cousins, celebrated Father's Day and I finally bought myself the Saltwater Sandals I've been lusting after for years. Birthday money is a marvellous thing.
Please excuse my un-pedicured toes!
I've been lucky to receive some pretty nice things to review too so expect a rather belated Father's Day style post shortly, a simple pattern for some amazing personalised fabric and a giveaway or two to pop up here over the coming weeks.

This is also the first June in years that I missed celebrating Midsummer with my girls but I have big plans to make it up to them in our typical fairy fashion. We've been invited to the Fantastical Fairy Fest in Powerscourt Gardens and I know the girls will absolutely love it!
I'm also planning on taking them to the Guidecentral Summer Craft Party this weekend. Which looks like it will be a lot of fun. Will you be there?

And tell me, what have you been up to lately? Anything fun? Or have you anything exciting lined up for the holidays? I'm dying to catch up with you all!

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