What's in my Bag?

Sara over at Where is my mind? has a linky running this week called 'What's in my Bag?' She shared the immaculate contents of her immaculate handbag and I couldn't resist sharing the contents of mine - mostly because it's so completely the opposite of immaculate it's not even funny.
I took this photo at night. I apologise for its crapness.

Sure, it looks tidy enough all laid out like this, but when it's all crammed into a bag, it's a complete mess and I can never find anything I'm looking for.

The contents are as follows:
  • My purse. Overstuffed with with old receipts and forced closed for this photo.
  • A tree guide for Mount Usher Gardens which I visited over the bank holiday weekend.
  • Some random business cards and a metro card I accumulated on my trip to New York.
  • Hand sanitizer. Because I have small children who enjoy touching gross stuff.
  • Rescue Remedy, for those wobbly moments.
  • A weird earphone connection from the airplane.
  • My 2015 diary, which is an absolute necessity. Plus attached pen. You can never have too many pens. See below.
  • A comb to keep my fringe under control. Never used.
  • An ancient relic of a phone that I can make calls and receive calls on.
  • An elderly iphone that I cannot make or receive calls on. Basically it's a glorified camera/social media portal/mini computer.
  • A business card holder that holds my blog-cards. Rarely remembered.
  • Some Motilium and some Immodium... for stomach related emergencies. (I forgot those were there. Morto.)
  • My car key. Includes a shell keyring that Devo made me. Aww.
  • A shopping list which may or may not have been completed.
  • A crumpled wrapper from a strawberry lollipop. Quite sticky.
  • My current notebook. Crammed full of random ideas in no specific order.
  • A half-eaten lump of brownie, wrapped in a paper-napkin, which Lile insisted we bring home from a café. Includes a fork. From home. I have no idea how these two things came to be together in my bag...
  • A hair-tie.
  • Two pencils and three pens. That completely vanish when needed. Hence I keep one permanently attached to my diary. See above.
  • A head of purple clover. Dead.
  • Some shrapnel.
  • Three lip products and some concealer. Rarely used.
  • Tissues. For small people's snotty noses, dirty faces and all emergency situations.
There is usually a pair of sunglasses in there too, but I've misplaced them... because the weather got sunny. Oh, and there are generally a few mini My Little Ponies or Sylvanian Families or Shopkins knocking around too but they all migrated to my coat pockets yesterday due to overcrowding.

Here's what my bag looks like when it's full. (I even left out the excess junk and I still can't close it.)

I'm currently using a bag I picked up in Penney's for... half nothing... I can't remember... but I have several other cross-body bags in similar sizes. I always choose cross-body bags as they double as coat holders for the two small coats that are regularly flung at me, I can still have two hands free and I can (in theory) access the things I need easily. So, that's about it for my very non-immaculate bag!

Lile likes to carry a handbag too so I grabbed it from the floor of the car this morning to see what she's been toting around.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I see.

Lile also carries two phones - one relic, one iphone. A notebook with attached pen (she's been paying attention!). Her keys. A small toy camera. And three crayons inside a Hello Kitty head.

I'll make a blogger of her yet!

To poke your nose into the other entries in this linky, click on the image below:


  1. Ah I love it the contents are a lot like my everyday bag inudimg half eaten food lol also I love love love that Lile has a bag too, she would get on well with Abigail who is always claiming to being busy on her blog and answering emails lol thank you for linking up xx

    1. Thanks Sara! Yes, I think they would get on. Lile is often 'blogging on facebook'! Great linky.

  2. Oh Sadhbh, I adore how real you've kept this! I am guilty of making things look perfect but more times than not, I love showing real stuff. Because we're real and dead clovers and snotty tissues in handbags are real. Represent! I have very similar things too. Working gloves, feathers, old tissues - all of which are very Vogue this year.

    Keep on keeping it real, sister xx

    1. Aw, thanks Alex! I love a pretty handbag as much as the next gal, and like to make things look pretty as much as possible, but I just thought it would be fun to add a bit of reality into the mix.

      So Vogue 😂

      P.S. I love that you have work gloves!

  3. Brilliant I love it! Especially Lile's exact replica (although her's is more tidy, it has to be said!).

  4. Thanks Naomi! Lile is SO much more organised. I love her pared back approach. Although it was her that was responsible for the half eaten cake in MY bag!

  5. I love your bag contents and I really love Lile's - the cuteness!!

    1. Thanks so much! Imitation is the highest form of flattery, huh?! ;)

  6. Brilliant!! Love Lile's bag, so cute :)

    1. Thanks Nicola. I wish my bag was as organised as hers!

  7. Haha. Not unlike the contents of my own bag! As I read I realise that I forgot to put my sunglasses wallet (empty) into the list of what is in my bag.

    1. Oh, I'll have to check yours out! I reckon, as mammies, we're in good company with our crazy handbags!

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