Tiger is my Spirit Animal

It was my Mum's birthday last week and it coincided nicely with an invitation I got to attend a sneak-preview of the new Tiger store in Blanchardstown. I am a HUGE fan of the Danish brand, but my Mum had never been to one before. Tiger sells own brand, design-led, low-cost lifestyle products, from homewares to toys, stationery, toiletries, accessories and amazing craft supplies. Knowing how much my Mum loves a bargain I was sure she'd enjoy the event, so I brought her along as my guest. It's the best feeling when blogging brings an opportunity for me to treat my loved ones!

We were only through the door about five seconds when my Mum started to look around frantically for a basket. I was right. She has found her spiritual home. Tiger is her spirit animal now too.
Lost among the craft supplies. I'm the apple. She's the tree. I didn't fall far...
I reassured her that there was plenty of time (and plenty of Tiger stores - this is store number 17 in Ireland!) and that we could have a browse and a bite to eat before we started to shop. She looked at me like I was crazy, grabbed a basket anyway and immediately started to lose the run of herself lobbing all the gorgeous stuff into it.

I had refused to pick up a basket at the beginning because I was trying to convince myself I wasn't going to buy anything. Now, I have never, in the history of ever, gone into a Tiger store and left empty handed. Why I thought that night would be any different is beyond me. There was a great atmosphere with food from Cornude and Nudie Food (I think somebody in Tiger HQ has a naughty sense of humour!) and a giant tower of cheese from Sheridans Cheesemongers. With such a great buzz, such great products and such a great excuse I eventually succumbed to my inner shopper.
Popcorn by Cornude and me with Operations Manager Gillian Maxwell
I was on my second lap of the store and trying to awkwardly balance a ceramic bunny on top of an armful of other things when a helpful staff member approached me and offered me a basket. "Oh, no thank you..." I began, " I'm only picking up a few bits". She looked at the unwieldy pile in my hands and patiently offered the basket again. She was right, of course. The inevitable had happened again. But that was ok by me - it's Tiger afterall!
The ceramic bunny - which is, in fact,  a magical cotton pad holder!
Apart from the bunny (which I adore!) I got some new paintbrushes, a couple of sketchbooks and some fun 'Jumbo Markers' for the girls, some of Devo's favourite peppermints and some glue (they do a great 'universal glue' which I use for everything).

I also got a lovely goody-bag as I was leaving which Lile and Sábha dove into first thing the next morning. Thanks Tiger! (My mum donated hers to the cause so there wouldn't be fisticuffs over the freebies.)
Strawberry backpacks, flower pens, drawing stuff and notebooks that look like chocolate!
My mum and I both had a really lovely night out, and I'm pretty sure I've created another Tiger addict... How about you? Are you a Tiger fan? Have you discovered this great company yet?

Tiger Stores, Unit 314, Level 2, Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15, is now open.

For more information about the Tiger brand watch this VIDEO

Here are just some of the crafts I've made using Tiger brand supplies:
95% of the supplies used in this post were from Tiger!

I used paper from Tiger as the 'wallpaper' in this dollshouse.

The little suitcase I used for this is from Tiger


  1. Yes yes yes!!! I LOVE Tiger, fav shop ever :-D

  2. I have never been to a Tiger store! Wish it was around when my teen was younger .

    1. I think your teen might find plenty to interest him anyway! Lots of funky stationery, phone covers and room decor. There's lots of lovely candles and kitchen ware too - and I know you have a crafty side so I'm sure you'd find something to pique your interest :) (Sorry, I'm a such an enabler!)

  3. Absolutely love Tiger. So many gorgeous affordable finds!

  4. I went in a few weeks ago for labels and came out with pasta bowls, chalk boards, connect 4 and an ice cube tray (but no labels)
    I guess I should go back ...


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