Things Are Happening

There are a few things I never imagined would happen when I started this blog. I never thought that:
  1. anyone other than a few friends and family would ever read it
  2. I would ever figure out what the hell I wanted to write about
  3. it would be anything other than something I dipped in and out of whenever 'inspiration' struck
  4. I would win actual awards for wittering on and on about, and taking photos of, my life
  5. anything else would ever come out of creating this space
A lot of the time things are more or less as I imagined them. Ok, so these days there are actually a few people I don't know in real life that read my posts (hi friends! *waves excitedly*) and I sooooort of know what subjects to stay focused on (crafts, celebrations, children - I put it right up there at the top so I don't forget. But I'm easily distracted.) I also try to write with a bit of regularity - though, admittedly, that has slipped somewhat of late due to summer slacker-ness... 

I've been blogging six years now. My 'blogiversary' was two days ago and although I never set out for this space to be anything other than a fun hobby, it seems it's beginning to lead me places I never dreamed of. In the past year it's lead me to award nights, TV appearances and even, in a roundabout way, to the mentorship scheme which will see me attempt to write a children's book (or two).

This month I have made it into the glossies. Yes, plural! I have had this piece published in the latest edition of Maternity and Infant Magazine and had two craft projects published in Easy Parenting Magazine.

Maternity and Infant very kindly placed my article at the back of the magazine - right next to the information about the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards - in which you can vote for me, by the way! And they used one of my favourite photos of Lile and Sábha too, which makes it a real keepsake.

I loved creating these two crafts for Easy Parenting and am absolutely thrilled with how the spread looks. The 'Pinwheel Pencil Toppers' are sweet and simple, but I especially loved making the 'Funny Faces Memory Game'. My girls have been playing with it quite a lot here since I made it so I know it's definitely something that children will enjoy making for themselves.

I'm really happy that my writing and making has started to find a way beyond this little patch of internet and 'getting published' has inspired me to push myself a little further along this path and see if I can make that a bit more of a regular thing. With the 'Back-to-School' vibe in the air, I've got plans and dreams coming out of my ears and I can't wait to be back in a routine to start realising them.

You can find both Maternity & Infant Magazine and Easy Parenting Magazine in Eason's and on many, many other newsstands nationwide.

Fancy giving me a 'blogiversary' gift?!
Voting is still open for the Boots Maternity and Infant Awards and I still need your votes!
Please click the image below, scroll all the way down to the 'For the Family' category and find Where Wishes Come From under 'Best Parenting Blog'.

Thanks so much!


  1. Ahhhhh happy blogiversary to you too, Sadhbh! I had no idea we were blog twins! Two days apart ... And a year. So, no. That doesn't really work at all does it. I think you of all people know what twins are, and that's not it.

    Isn't it crazy where a blog can take us? It's so surreal to think that people actually read these things we write and then want us to write stuff for them? I literally can't even. I love your blog because it's so real. Your effortlessly cool kids (that I want to be like when I grow up) and your lyrical sass make it something to come back to time and time again. GIRL POWER xx

    1. ALEX!! That is quite possibly the nicest comment ever! You are the BEST. Big love to you xxx

      P.S. If we pretend we are blog twins we could use it as an excuse to eat cake together at least once a year, right? I think we should go for it ;)

  2. Wow 6 years that's so awesome go you and well done on the articles :)

    1. Thanks sweet Sara! In fairness, it took me *most* of that time to figure out what this blog even was... but yay for getting there in the end :)

  3. 6 years!! Congratulations, that is great. And as for your wonderful achievements, absolutely fantastic and so well deserved, well done :)
    Nicola xx


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