Big School So Far : In Numbers

We are three weeks into the new 'big school' routine.  I thought I'd share how things have been going so far. In numbers. Because I'm too tired to write properly.

0 The number of people (in our family) who cried on the first day. Not even me!!!

2 The number of children who were not mine that I almost cried for on the first day because they were so upset...

1 The number of cardigans lost on the first day.

1 The number of cardigans returned soon after. Phew.

2  The amount of kicks in the shin I got because I dared to collect Lile from school on the first day.

5 The amount of mornings Sábha proclaimed she had a sore tummy just as her teacher opened the classroom door. (She's settled in fine now)

0 The amount of battles I've had with Lile over wearing the tracksuit uniform on sports days. I'm in shock.

1 The amount of times I was called to come and collect Sábha because she had a run-in with a chair and gave herself a massive bump on the head.

12,211 The average amount of steps I take in a day since starting the school run walk. Mostly uphill. 

5 The amount of lbs I've inadvertently lost since I started the school run walk. Yay!

"So many you can't even count them" The amount of school-friends Sábha claims she has.

3 The amount of other kids in her class she can actually name. One is her sister.

7 The time we all get up at now. Even on weekends... because... body clock... Ugh.

5,679 The amount of times well-meaning people have asked my girls if they like school. They're starting to pretend to be deaf...

16 The amount of mornings Lile has tried to smuggle toys into the classroom. Tomorrow it will be 17. (Yes, that's every. single. day.)

1 The number of "big-boyfriends" Sábha has. Lile has a "big-girlfriend".* 

0 The number of big boyfriends and big girlfriends' names Lile and Sábha know... 

16 The number of mornings I've convinced myself I'm going to tidy the house while the girls are at school.

1 The number of mornings I've actually tidied the house while the girls were at school. Well... I hoovered... that counts, right?

10 The amount of times I've realised too late that the girls were much too tired and cranky to do whatever afterschool activity I'd planned. Meltdown city. 

0 The amount of homework they've been assigned so far. Yay!

2 The number of little girls I see running towards me smiling every afternoon. I am very proud of them both.

*They have a buddy system with the kids from 6th class. But it still freaked me out when my little girl told me excitedly about the 'big boyfriend' that held her hand and gave her money... he found a 50 cent coin and gave it to her... it's not as sinister as it sounded at first! 


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  1. Oh Christ, that bit about the big boyfriend would have seriously panicked me. Ours were mentored by the class above their own.
    It sounds like they have settled in well though. All the asking "how do you like big school?" would get on your nerves though wouldn't it?

    1. I didn't know what to think! Seriously weirded me out- but it all made sense very quickly and we've since learned his name and met him and he seems a lovely young guy.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. "3 - The amount of other kids in her class she can actually name. One is her sister."

    I. Lost. It.

    Your girls are adorable. And hilarious. Also, how damn adorable are they in their uniforms?! Ugh! SO CUTE :D


    1. Ha! Thanks :) Sábha's like that in the playground too. Meets someone for 30 seconds and declares them her BEST FRIEND EVER (even though she never thinks to ask their name... or anything else for that matter...)

      I think they're pretty cute in their uniforms too ;)

  3. Oh love it! I love that they can't name people but call them friends - that's exactly how it's meant to be, isn't it. They're fab!

    1. Thanks A, you're right. All they need is a few people to play with and they're happy. :)

  4. Very good. Made me smile.


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