Not New Niceties # 5: Tiny Things

My grandmother was in hospital recently (don't worry, she's fine!) and on one of my visits to her we somehow got to talking about doll's houses. I was probably telling her that Lile is currently enjoying playing with the doll house my uncle, her son, made for my Sylvanian Family collection when I was a little girl and it went on from there. She told me how she had always wanted my uncle to build her a dollhouse too and she and my grandfather had even bought furniture for it one time. Between the jigs and the reels and all the things that happen in life her dream doll house never got built but she had always held onto the teeny tiny furniture.
I told her I'd love to see it when she got home and was well again. I was also secretly thrilled that I'd discovered where my love for miniatures has come from!

She is home and well now and to my surprise and delight she arrived at my house the other day with all of the furniture and gave it to me as a present. I'm under orders to find someone to make a house for it too but for the moment I'll just share my new-to-me haul of tiny things.
The chairs and tables and dressers are beautiful and really well made but my absolute favourite has to be the kitchen 'stuff'. Tiny mops and buckets and little tin baths and the most painfully cute little iron.
But it's the sewing kit that has stolen my heart entirely.
Can you even handle the size of that teensy weensy scissors?!
How ridiculously cute is that thing??

I have no idea how or when I'll get my hands on a doll house worthy of such prettiness but it's definitely on my to-do list now... part of me wants to get my chalk-paint on and 'upcycle' some of the furniture too... and I think I need to keep an eye out for kitchen furniture and other bits and pieces to fill this still-imaginary doll house of mine. I might even attempt making a doll house myself some time... maybe...

These tiny things are making me dream big...


To see the book case doll house I created for my girls click HERE

To see the doll house my uncle made for me click HERE


  1. I'm in love with these. As you know we have a major love of all things miniature here and have thousands of tiny pieces of Sylvanian family bits gathered over twenty years.
    How lucky are you? Where do you keep them?

    1. Aren't they amazing?! I adore Sylvanian family stuff and as Lile does too I can see my meagre collection growing exponentially over the next couple of years! They never go out of date though, which is wonderful. So far this furniture is sitting on my office desk, but I'm hatching a cunning plan to re-home them as soon as I can!

  2. Oh they are just the most gorgeous, cutest little pieces. Enjoy them, treasure them :)

  3. For feck sakes, I think we were separated at birth... And my little girl and your little girls would be like kindred spirits too: miniatures, not new niceties, Sylvanians....!! Also love this post (getting through my large blog backlog) and remember having similar dollhouse furniture, which Grace has in her dollhouse now :)


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