Countdown To A Countdown

At exactly this time next month, I will most likely be lolling on my couch, stuffed as a turkey... with turkey... and turkey sandwiches and... all the trimmings. And, despite being stuffed, I'll probably still be trying to force chocolate into my face. And gin. There'll definitely be gin. I'll also, hopefully be enjoying some peaceful downtime after the frenzied buildup to Christmas day.
This year my own 'frenzied buildup' is going to be a bit more frenzied than usual as I've decided to host a 'Craft Advent' here on the blog. Every day from the the first of December until Christmas Eve I will be sharing a different craft, recipe or other festive treat. I've never attempted anything like this before - and to be honest, enthusiastic as I am, I wan't sure I could pull it off alone - so I've called in the troops. Lots of my lovely blogging buddies have stepped in to share their own festive ideas and I am thrilled to have them as guests on Where Wishes Come From and to have a chance to introduce them to my readers. 

(Having guests will also spare you 24 days in a row of my wittering... which is a very good thing.)

I can promise some fabulous creativity, delicious recipes, festive fun and plenty of inspiration - do stop by or follow along on social media by using the hashtag #CraftAdvent2015


I took part in Emily's Craft Advent last year and, with her blessing, I thought I'd give it a whirl myself this year. But, if you're impatient to get started on the festive making - head on over to her site for lots of inspiration in the meantime: The Nest

There is some Christmas Craftiness to be found in these parts already too. Check out my Craft Page to see some!

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