Craft Advent: Day 5 : Cork Stamped Christmas Card

It's day five of #CraftAdvent2015 and I've given my contributors a little break, so you'll have to put up with me today!

I run out of Christmas cards every, single year. And every, single year I vow to remember to buy more cards than I did the previous year. Yet I always manage to fail, and on Christmas Eve I'll find myself scrounging around in the back of cupboards trying to find a few spares for the neighbours or... my Mum...

One thing I usually have in my craft stash, however, is card blanks. These are readily available in craft shops and are really handy to have in the house. Usually it's the kids that end up using them to make cards for their friends or to send thank-you notes to loved ones but from time to time I use them myself too.

This craft is perfect if, like me, you never buy enough cards and need an emergency batch or for little ones to make for their friends/teacher/grandparents etc. Wine corks print perfect Christmas Pudding shapes and also give you an excuse to pop open a bottle of wine... to get your creative juices flowing...

You will need:

Card Blanks
Brown paint (any kind will do)
A wine cork
Green and red felt-tips
Spare sheet of paper


Squeeze out a dollop of paint onto your sheet of paper. Dip one end of the cork in and make sure the circumference is all covered. (You're quite right - this does not look pretty.)
Make a few practice stamps on your spare paper until you find the texture you're happy with. You don't want the paint to be too thick, so you can see some of the rough-texture of the cork coming through. For me it was the third stamp that I liked the best. 
Now start making those cards! I've just put three puddings in a row, here, and added holly and berries to the top using the felt-tips.
You could add text underneath with letter stamps (if you have any) or with really neat handwriting (if you have it) or just leave it as it is. 
You could also use this technique to make matching gift tags or even print onto brown paper to make wrapping paper (if you have the patience).

Now all you have to do is... write them, put stamps on them and get to the post office... does the list of Christmas chores never end?!

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