Craft Advent: Day 2: HeyAli's Rustic Christmas Homemade Gift Tags

Ali, from Hey Ali blog is a girl after my own heart. She has taken her love of crafting and created a career for herself that I am utterly impressed by. She is the brains behind the hugely successful party business - Craftea Parties, a regular craft-columnist for the Irish Independent and her first Family & Children's Craft Book 'Get Crafty' will be released in March 2016 with Mercier Press Ireland. (It will be available in bookshops nationwide and online.) You'll find plenty of inspiration on Ali's blog, which features a mixture of crafts, lifestyle, fashion and family life. I'm so thrilled to welcome her to Where Wishes Come From today!
I was delighted when Sadhbh said she was organising a Craft advent this year as it's something I would love to be involved in but never had the opportunity before, so thanks for letting me join in!

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year especially when it comes to wrapping presents. I absolutely have a weakness for all kinds of stationery and anything to do with wrapping gifts. I spend the weeks leading up to Christmas buying all sorts of wrapping papers, twine and ribbons etc.. whatever I can get my hands on.

Sitting down with a glass of mulled wine in front of the open fire once the tree is up and the house is decorated (and the kids in bed) is my idea of the perfect Christmas evening. This year I'm making my own home made gift tags for that extra special personalised touch.
Here's what you need:
To make the salt dough
1 cup of plain flour
1 cup of table salt
3/4 cup of water

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees.
Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl to form a nice dough.
You may need to add a tiny bit more flour or water depending. The dough should not be wet.

When you are happy with the consistency, sprinkle a little bit of flour on the surface and kneed your dough for a minute or two.

Roll out your dough.
What else do I need?
An old gift tag to use as a template
Ink pad
Stamp kit
Baking tray
Baking Paper

Using an old gift tag as a template, cut around it with a knife.

The thickness of the dough should be around 1-2cm. If you don't have a gift tag you can try cutting out a tag shape freehand, use a ruler so you get straight edges.

Use the top of a paintbrush to make a little hole in the top of your tags.

Stamp the names of family/friends or other Christmassy words on your tags using the ink pad and your stamps. You can buy stamps in any Arts and Crafts shops. I have seen some great Christmas stamps in The Art & Hobby Shop, Tiger and Nimble Fingers to name a few.
You can also use Christmas cookie cutters to make some other festive shapes to add to your gifts.

These also make great Christmas tree decorations when painted and sprinkled with glitter!
Place your tags and other creations on a baking tray covered in baking paper and a sprinkle of flour.

Reduce the oven to approx 100 degrees and cook for approx an hour/an hour and a half. Keep an eye on your tags while cooking. If the dough is cracking you will need to turn down the oven.
After the cooking time is up If you are not sure if they are ready then turn the oven right down to 30degrees and leave in for a little bit longer. You can also turn off the oven and leave them there to dry out over night.

Thread with string or twine of your choice and attach to your presents.
You can also paint saltdough if you want to be more colourful and a coat of clear varnish will make them last even longer.
I hope you enjoyed day two of the craft advent. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the months crafts and inspirations.



  1. Oh these are so pretty (and look even me-proof)! Such a great idea. Loving this advent calendar!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I agree, they are fab and might be something that wouldn't be too tricky to try with little ones either.


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