Craft Advent: Day 6: Chocolate Macadamia Marzipan Sweets

It's a little later in the day than planned (due to my laptop being commandeered by a husband with a deadline!) - but better late than never - I am thrilled to welcome Laura from Raising Elves to join in #CraftAdvent2015. I love Laura's blog for her unflinchingly honest protrayal of her experience of mothering and for her thought-provoking posts on nature, faith, healing and a lot more. Laura is passionate about natural remedies and has recently launched her own business 'Wilmurr's Irish Moss Syrup' - a natural remedy for chesty coughs which is based on an old folk recipe. She's got a slightly more festive recipe for us today - which sounds absolutely delicious!
I am delighted to find myself here on Where Wishes Come From, one of my long time favourite blogs. 

My contrary husband doesn't like marzipan or alcohol and despite this I set myself the challenge of making him a Christmas cake. What was I thinking?

I made him an alcohol-free Christmas cake by soaking the fruit in clove soaked orange juice and set about making him an alternative to almond marzipan. Cue the Macadamia nut marzipan experiment. (Recipe below).

I had some left over and my little Elf took charge and made these lovely chocolate covered macadamia marzipan sweets for her Dad. So, below you will find the recipe for macadamia marzipan and photos of our sweet making fun. You could just make the sweets with pre-made marzipan, though.

The marzipan has a deep yet subtle flavour. It takes really well to whatever flavourings I used. For example, one batch I used traditional flavourings (vanilla and rose water) and in another batch I used lemon essence which was, to put it nicely because I am on Sadhbh's blog, exclamation-mark-moreish. I recommend the lemon for the chocolate sweets.

100g Macadamias
1 500g bag of icing sugar
0.5 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp rose water
1 tsp vanilla
1tsp lemon essence
Zap the nuts in a blender and scrape out into a bowl.
Fold in the icing sugar.
Add in the essence/ rose water.
If it's too wet add in more icing sugar.
If it's too dry you could add a small bit of egg white.
Roll it up in clingfilm and stick in the fridge overnight.

When you are rolling it out to spread over a cake, use lots of icing sugar on the mat and rolling pin. Have more on hand as it can be quite sticky on the inside.

Roll it out very gently- handling it as little as possible- and keep it thick. You might need to double up on the recipe if your cake is larger than 8".

With the left over marzipan Elf used a Christmas mould to make up some chocolate covered sweets. We poured in some melted chocolate, topped with marzipan and covered again in chocolate. 
We left it in the fridge and once the chocolate hardened, we took them out and wrapped them in greaseproof paper and then covered them up in wrapping paper.
Now, of course they are not going to survive under the hot tree so Dad will be getting his Christmas treats a little early but we are going to repeat the project with shop bought marzipan for Nana (who loves the real thing!).
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas filled with blessings, peace and utter happiness.

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