Craft Advent: Day 13: Mince and Custard Parcels

It's great to have Sinéad from Bumbles of Rice visit today for day 13 of #CraftAdvent2015. I'm a big fan of Sinéad's blog (and pretty fond of her in real life too!) and I'm so happy she decided to share this genius recipe here today. You'll have to visit her blog for more culinary genius, a great dose of realistic parenting stories and some brilliant tips on places to go with kids. You'll also find a Christmas gift post that I contributed to too! Sinéad likes to 'keep it real' - which is so refreshing in a world of 'online perfection' so I'm going to keep it real by admitting that I'm practically licking the screen right now at the thoughts of eating these delicious parcels...

Ooh look at me, on Where Wishes Come From! I'm not used to such beautiful surroundings, I hope I fit in OK around here. I'm Sinead from Bumbles of Rice and since I am not remotely crafty I'm going to share a recipe that's incredibly easy, looks good and is a handy one to tick the "Christmas Baking" box with the kids. 

My children might be considered unusual for a variety of reasons, but their love of mince pies is one that puzzles me greatly. I was in my thirties before I started to actually like the Christmas delights. Every year we debate why exactly mince is called the same as "the stuff we make dinner with" but it doesn't put them off from eating ALL the mince pies.

Last week someone went to the supermarket with dad and came home with a roll of puff pastry. Challenge accepted. I had a massive jar of mincemeat (the Christmas one, not the dinner one) in the press so on a quiet afternoon when one child slept and the other was out my seven-year-old and I got busy. Mince pices are fiddly with cutters and sealing and leaking and matching etc so I wanted something quick, that would be in the oven before naptime ended.

Thus these Mince and Custard Parcels were born.
This recipes yields 9 good sized ones

1 jar of mincemeat (you won't need a full jar) 
1 small pot of readymade custard
1 roll of readymade rolled puff pastry (I get mine in Aldi)
1 egg (beaten) 
Flour for dusting
Optional: Icing sugar for sifting over it to make it look fancy when it's cooled.

Preheat the oven to 180C and line a baking tray with baking paper.

First, roll out the puff pastry sheet a little. Then cut it in half.

On one half place nine teaspoon sized dollops of mincemeat evenly spaced apart with plenty of room around the edges (see photo below).
Top each blob of mincemeat with a slightly smaller blob of readymade custard.

Next, place the "empty" pastry sheet on top of the one that you've laden with mincemeat and custard. Press all around the little mounds .of mincemeat and custard to seal them in, then press around the outside edges with the side of a fork to close them properly. Cut into nine squares aka parcels. Paint the parcels with the beaten egg (not essential but they will look so much prettier).
Carefully lift each parcel onto the baking tray, place in the oven and cook for 18-20 minutes until they are golden brown. 
Fight the kids off until they're cool enough to eat. Then wish you'd bought a second pack of pastry as they're all gone in no time.


  1. They look yummy! Two of my three kids love mince pies too... I hated them as a child!

    1. You know, I don't even know if my kids like mince pies... I must always savage them myself! I'll definitely try this with them though.


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