Love is A to Z [Giveaway]

February is here and, as the weather is still hideous (although a tad brighter - yay!), we still need nice things to look forward to and Valentine's Day fits the bill perfectly. Everybody knows Valentines is the day to celebrate love, romance and coupledom in all its glory. Which is all well and good, but it's kind of cheesy and also not the only kind of love that exists in the world.

Zazzle contacted me a while ago about their thoughts on Valentines day. They believe that it’s not just romance that should be celebrated and that #loveisAtoZ. Aunties who babysit regularly, best friends who make you feel 10 feet tall, your mum’s cousin-who’s-like-a-second-mum to you, loyal blog readers (wink wink)… the list goes on, all deserve to be shown love. Don't you agree?

Zazzle want to help you find the perfect token of appreciation for that special someone, to surprise them with on the day of love-of-all-kinds. They challenged me to find a few things to show my own A-Z Style Love this Valentine's Day! There is no end of options with Zazzle from personalised products, to gorgeous prints and I spent aaaages browsing all of the lovely things before remembering that...

I'm being abandoned on February 14th by Devo, in favour of a 'gig with the lads'! 

So, I first decided to show MYSELF some love with this challenge. It's no secret that I'm a fan of unicorns so when I spotted this vest I thought it was the perfect way to show my husband what I really think of being left all alone on romance night... (not really, I just really wanted the vest!) It's the perfect mixture of naughty and nice and I love it!
I am no model.
I also chose a Valentine's card each for the little loves in my life. A cute vintage Valentine kitty for Lile because... well, cats. And a pun-tastic vintage Valentine for Sábha who is really into humour like this at the moment. Her favourite joke to tell 57672782 times a day is "Why was the brush late for school? Because he over-SWEPT", so I think she'll get a kick out of this card. 
Next I chose a poster for one of my besties who I have known since our early teens. She's an absolute treasure and my guru for all things twin-related. Her twin girls are double my girls' age and she's seen it all before so I'm constantly asking her for her advice/opinions on things. She deserves a little treat for putting up with me! 

I chose this for her because as unicorns are to me and cats are to Lile - Octopuses (Octopi?) are her thing:

Finally, I thought I couldn't let this Valentine's day go past without showing some love to my amazing readers - without whom I wouldn't even get to try out some of these cool products - so I've chosen two of these prints to giveaway: 
For a chance to win, just use the gadget below. I'll draw two winners on Valentine's Day... because I'll obviously have time on my hands to do that... seeing as I'll be alone...

I hope the prints will bring a lot of love into the winner's home this Valentine's Day. Good luck!

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Disclosure: Zazzle provided me with the products mentioned above for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and I was not paid to give them. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Where Wishes Come From.


  1. Love your t-shirt! And you DO model it very well :)

  2. My daughter has just fallen in love with that T-Shirt, she just said Goodnight Mam, spotted the laptop, abandoned my hug and instead I You look great btw.
    Nicola xx

  3. OHHHHHH THIS IS A GIVEAWAY I CAN GET INTO! ;P I have zero colourful things in my wardrobe (goth FTW), so this would be an absolute treasure. It's equal parts cute and kick-ass.

    I need dis.

  4. You look so cool in your tee and leather jacket! Would love to win!


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