A Netflix Night In For All The Family

It's Valentine's weekend and, as I've previously mentioned, the theme is less about romance around these parts and more about sharing love of all kinds. There's been a lot of love in the air this week in general. From a meal out with a bestie I hadn't seen in too long, to glitter covered cards from my girls to a surprise package in the post from Netflix which contained the softest, snugliest blanket everrrrr.
Then, today there was a Valentine's cake-sale in school. The kids were stuffed full of chocolatey, sugar-loveheart festooned sweets and treats. It alone would have kicked the weekend off in marvellous style. But, after school, as we gathered as usual in my grandmother's house we celebrated a birthday too - which meant there was more cake and more treats and a lovely gang of some of my favourite people to hang out with.

I grabbed the opportunity to force them all to snuggle together under the magical #NetflixNightIn blanket for some family-bonding time!
A great-grandmother, two grandmothers, parents and lots of lovely cousins from teens to tots - four generations in fact! - all squeezed in to show some Netflix love. (You can see the empty spot that was left for me beside Sábha... if only I'd remembered to bring a selfie-stick we'd have had TWELVE people under that blanket!)

One of the best things about Netflix is that it caters to such a wide range of tastes. You'll find things to suit the whole family - no matter what their age. And, as there are always new additions to the listings - you'll never get bored. 

Here are some new additions that I'd happily cosy up and watch with any or, ideally, all of the people above:

The Little Prince:
One of my favourite books in the world come to life?! I didn't even know this existed in a screen format, so I am really excited to see it.
Muppets Most Wanted 
The first record I ever owned (yes, vinyl record... I am that old...) was the Muppet Show album and ever since, I have been a lifelong fan. Cannot. Wait. To. See. This.
The AristoCats:
Classic Disney? Cats? Is there anything not to love?
I caught the beginning of this movie on TV over Christmas and was so annoyed that we were going out and I had to miss the rest of it as the girls and I were really enjoying it. I actually looked it up on Netflix the next day and was disappointed to find it wasn't there. I'm delighted it's being added soon so I can see what 'happy ever after' there was!

Whatever you're doing this Valentine's weekend, I hope you're as surrounded by love as I am lucky enough to be.

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Disclosure: As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV box in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews. All opinions are my own 
and I am not being paid to give them. I already had a personal subscription before joining the Stream Team. This post and the family photo is part of a competition entry. Big thanks to my family for humouring me and letting me snap them, I promise if I win the 'swag' I'll share it with all of them!


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