Just About Six

I've just sat down after spending the evening making final preparations for Lile and Sábha's sixth birthday tomorrow. I tucked them into bed earlier, rushing a bit because there was a cake half-iced downstairs waiting for me to get back to it, until I suddenly realised - this was the last time I'd be doing this. The last time I'd hug and kiss a pair of five-year-olds goodnight. Tomorrow they will suddenly be a whole, entire year older. So I paused in my hurry and gave each of them five goodnight hugs and five goodnight kisses as a farewell to fabulous five.

And five has been fabulous indeed. Last year, I wrote about still being able to see the baby in my girls at certain moments. But I can't really see that anymore. They are full-on little girls now. Long and lean. The eldest and the tallest in their class. School girls, who are confident and clever in class (or so says their teacher!). Who love their new friends and their school and are thriving in their new routine.
They are the calmest they've ever been too. The most reasonable they've been since they were born. Although they still have their moments. (Don't we all.)

I thought I'd try to do a similar thing to last year here tonight. Capture a small snapshot of my girls in the last hours of five. Because the years go by faster and faster and this is the only way I can hold on to tiny pieces of them.


At just about six, Sábha is a bundle of energy. She is still the mover and shaker she always was. She loves climbing mountains and going on adventures and is an enthusiastic participator in whatever is happening at any given time. She still loves music and has a very sweet little singing voice and a great ear for a tune. She has learned 54374023845428 songs in school and she sings them in rotation.... constantly...

At almost six, Sábha has her entire career mapped out. She wants to be a scientist-rock-star-ice-cream lady during the working week and an explorer-mountain-climber on the weekends. She has been very, very interested in science for quite a while now and it's amazing to see how her curious mind works.

At very nearly six, Sábha has really developed her drawing and writing skills. She now loves to draw almost as much as her sister does. Which is a lot. She's also been working hard on her reading skills and is on the brink of being able to read in two languages. She really 'gets' blending sounds and she gets really excited when she figures out words all by herself.

Sábha is full of love. She loves her family (or so all of her self-penned songs declare) and her friends and is a sweetheart to her little cousins. She is thoughtful and kind and tries her best to do the right thing at all times. She can be slightly (very) melodramatic when things don't go her way... but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Sábha's Catchphrase: (sung in a variety of tunes) "I love my familyyyyy."


At just about six, Lile is more obsessed with cats than ever. Her collection of small cat-shaped figurines and soft-toys is growing and growing without end. In the absence of a real pet cat (there are allergies in the house) she has adopted an abandoned virtual cat called Mimitos, who she cleans up after (it actually poops and coughs up fur balls. Which is kind of gross.) and feeds (a lot of chocolate) and dresses in ridiculous outfits. She also adores Neko Atsume, a Japanese 'cat-collector' game.

At almost six, Lile is still working on her career ideas. She veers wildly between wanting to be a teacher and.... a flying cat... One thing for sure is that whatever she decides on she will make happen. She is quite a determined, strong-willed little person!

At very nearly six, Lile absolutely loves writing and drawing. She's putting those strong little muscles that saw her being able to click her fingers at 6 months (I know!) to good use in school. At home she has set up her own little desk in her room and fills notebook after sketchbook after stolen paper from the home-printer. She is slowly getting the hang of reading too, although due to her eye-condition we're still working out the optimum font-size for her.

Lile is a sensitive soul. She doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve like her sister does but when she loves you, you'll know about it. She has a special place in her heart for babies and for older people and... for cats. She has a quick temper sometimes but a great sense of justice. Which is a great combination.

Lile's Catchphrase: "Can I check on my cats?" 

Tomorrow, there will be an epic birthday party. The biggest yet because there are school-friends this year on top of our gigantic family. There will be cake and treats and crafts and chaos and a bright pair of 6-year-olds to enjoy it all with.

Happy six, my darlings.


  1. This is lovely Sadhbh. Your girls seem like very competent, lovable little ones. It is particularly interesting for me to read because my middle son will be six this summer. He's not starting school till September (the German system) but he is really getting the hang of reading in German.
    I hope you all had a great party today. Lá breithe shona daoibh Lile agus Sábha!

    1. Thanks so much Fionnuala. They're a great pair of girlies, if I do say myself!It's amazing to see them learning to read. I've totally forgotten that part of my own life. I can't remember not being able to do it!


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