Presenting: An Fear Bréige

I have some very exciting news. I should really have shared it ages ago but better late than never, I guess! There's a new 7-part children's TV series called An Fear Bréige (The Scarecrow) airing now on TG4. It's a gorgeous production centred on eco-themes and featuring lots of crafting, gardening and... erm... scarecrow making! I was the designer and one of the presenters on the show and I am so unbelievably excited to see it now on the actual television. It's such a great feeling.
You can see it on TG4 on Wednesdays at 5.25pm. Or you can watch the first two episodes RIGHT NOW - wherever you are in the world. (It would help if you understood a bit of Gaeilge though...)

See the first episode - which is all about soil - HERE (featuring my co-presenter Kate Finegan)
See the second episode - which is all about biodiversity - HERE (featuring little old me!)

This weeks' episode will be all about growing healthy food - don't forget to tune in!
Photo by Conor Slattery
The production company (Abú Media) were looking for someone 'crafty', who also spoke Irish to design and make six scarecrows (and lots of other things) and to do some presenting. Despite having never even seen a scarecrow in real life nor having ever presented anything other than a gift... I somehow managed to convince them that I was the woman for the job.
I spent an incredibly hectic few weeks working my way around the country with a small band of incredibly talented TV people; visiting schools, researching ideas, shopping for equipment, stuffing my car full of straw, getting up at 4am to do my own make-up, making things for 'here's one we made earlier' moments, dodging rain, trying to hop from behind to in-front-of the camera without too much straw in my hair, laughing, gluing my fingers together, stressing, putting scarecrows on boats and in other unusual places... and ultimately thoroughly enjoying the hugely creative process that is television production.
With a BAHons in Drama and Modern Irish, I had always hoped that someday I might get to do something for our fantastic Irish language television station but I never imagined I'd also get to combine it with my love of making things with and for children! It's amazing and incredibly surreal to see myself on TV in such a gorgeous production and I'm really proud to have been a part of something that is not only educational for children but hugely enjoyable too.

The school my girls attend have been screening the episodes each week for the children and they have been basing a lot of their learning on the enviromental themes explored in the programmes. I've been invited to do some hands-on workshops with the children too over the coming weeks and I'm busy coming up with ideas that will be fun for them to try - (wish me luck!)
Photo by Conor Slattery
Of all the lovely things that working on this blog has brought me, this has to be one of the best.

I'd love to know what you think of it! I really hope you enjoy it!

Big shout-out to the amazing team I worked with: Bríd Seoighe (producer/creator), Rachael Moriarty (director), Andrew Cummins (camera), Conor Slattery (line producer) and Eamonn Davis (sound) and to all the children, teachers, friends and randomers we met along the way. It was a pleasure. Bhí sibh uilig álainn agus iontach!


  1. We are loving the show Sadhbh, it looks AMAZING and we don't even notice that we are watching in Irish. We'll be tuning in again tomorrow. Well done on a fantastic job!

    1. Thanks so much Naomi! I'm really thrilled with it and so good to hear that it can be enjoyed without understanding all of the language! I can't wait to see your bit :)


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