Summer Solstice String Sun

It's Midsummer! The longest day of the year. The day the sun (allegedly) shows it's gorgeous face for seventeen out of twenty-four hours. But, if it's as dullsville where you are today as it is here - you might need to make your own sunshine too.

This craft is possibly the easiest and fastest one I've ever made. It took literally minutes to put together but looks quite lovely and is a perfect solstice craft for young children or anyone else that fancies a bit of sunshine in their life.

You will need:

A Circle of Cardboard (draw around a cup or saucer and cut it out)
8 Wooden Clothes pegs
Yellow String/Embroidery thread/Yarn
Yellow paint/Markers


1. Tape one end of your string to one side of the cardboard.
2. Begin wrapping the string around the circle. Tie off or tape the string when you're happy with how it looks.
3. Pin the pegs evenly around the circle.
4. Paint or colour the front of the pegs yellow, let them dry and you're done!
These would be lovely hung up in the window or on a Summer nature table display. Where would you display yours?

For more seasonal craft ideas visit my CRAFT PAGE!

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